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I never thought we would see that day! Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods they reconnected and were spotted out to dinner in Los Angeles on July 15, as new look Daily Mail pictures. This comes 4 years after Kylie and Jordyn’s relationship ended Tristan Thompson fraud fraud.

kylie and jordyn
Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods were best friends. (Mediapunch/Shutterstock)

Kylie and Jordyn were spotted walking together on their dinner date. Kylie looked gorgeous in a black and white one-shoulder dress and black pants. Jordyn rocked a bright red ensemble and a gold clutch. Jordyn was seen smiling widely as she walked with Kylie to dinner.

This is a big development in Kylie and Jordyn possibly renewing their relationship. Kylie and Jordyn were inseparable best friends until 2019. Jordyn lived in Kylie’s house at one point. In February 2019, their relationship came to a screeching halt after Jordyn was seen “doing it” with Khloe Kardashian Biography then-boyfriend Tristan at a party at his house.

Weeks after the attack, Jordyn moved on Red Table Talk and she agreed to kiss Tristan. She tearfully revealed that there was “no passion” in the kiss and refused to have sex with him. Jordyn said she apologized to Khloe via phone and text.

Months later, Kylie opened up on Keeping up with the Kardashians The news that he had a falling out with Jordyn. “I think everything about Jordyn has to happen. For some reason. For me, for her, for you, for everyone. She was my security blanket, she lived with me, we did everything together,” said Kylie. “I just felt like, ‘Oh, I’ve got Jordyn, I don’t need anything else.’ I feel like there’s a part of me that needs to grow without him. And sometimes people are there for certain reasons and at certain times of your life and not others.”

In recent years, Kylie and Jordyn have moved in different directions. Kylie accepted his second child, Noand Travis Scott in 2022. Jordyn started dating an NBA player Karl-Anthony Towns in 2020.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner at the “Vanity Fair” Oscars after party. (Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock)

When Jordyn was The Hidden Singer, Hollywood life spoke ONLY with Kylie’s life alum of moving on to that difficult time in his life. “As long as you learn and grow from what happens to you, everything is fine,” Jordyn said. “I think this is just part of my journey and it’s just given me more confidence and more confidence to come to the show and be part of the show and enjoy it and take chances because you never know.”

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