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Danny Elfman – best known for creating the theme song for “The Simpsons” and the songs known for “The Nightmare Earlier than Christmas,” “Males In Black,” “Spider-Man” and not so long ago, “Wednesday” for Netflix. ” — is being sued for breach of contract for failing to make money for sexual assault.

A new investigation in Rolling Stone claims that Elfman sexually assaulted Nomi Abadi, a Grammy-nominated pianist and singer. 2015 and 2016.

Elfman denies the allegations. Abadi is now suing Elfman for breach of contract for failing to make the full settlement, according to new legal documents reviewed by To choose.

Rolling Stone revealed a police report that Abadi filed with the LAPD in November 2017 alleging that Elfman exposed himself and sexually assaulted her several times. Rolling Stone reports that the police report classified the allegations as “common knowledge”.

Elfman denied all allegations of inappropriate behavior in a statement to Rolling Stone, saying that he did not expose himself or masturbate at Abadi’s door. She described their relationship as “platonic,” which happened in the books, and says that “Abadi tried to pursue Elfman romantically and retaliated against him when she rejected his demands.”

In the Rolling Stone article, Elfman can be said to have forced Abadi to take a nude photo, saying that it could be a “shot,” which he refused.

He is also accused in Rolling Stone of providing Abadi with a glass of Abadi’s claim that Elfman is a man. (To choose reviewed the mirror image by asking about an email Elfman allegedly sent Abadi with the words, “to make” your mind.

How do I respond when they accuse me so much that being innocent is not a valid defense? It’s hard to think of {that} a 50-year career could be destroyed in one such mass of falsehoods and falsehoods about sexuality,” Elfman advised Rolling Stone. “Ms. Abadi’s claim is not true. I used to let someone get close to me without realizing that I was a ‘childhood crush’ and his aim was to disrupt my family and change my spouse. When this man realized that I wanted to be away from him, he made it clear that I could pay for rejecting him. I allowed an ill-advised friendship to have far-reaching consequences, and that error of judgment is my fault. I have not said anything inappropriate or improper, and my attorneys have ample evidence to prove that the allegations against me are false. This is the last thing I will say on this topic. ”

A spokesperson for Elfman advised Rolling Stone that “Elfman and Abadi’s restraining order, which does not include sex, has been fully agreed upon.”

A spokesperson also advised the book to end the #MeToo backlash: “When faced with threats from other festivals to make false statements in the #MeToo movement, [Elfman] faced with an impossible choice between settling down and working hard on his job and money to support his family or decide to fight what at the time was an impossible battle to inform the truth – Danny chose his family. It’s disappointing, but sadly not surprising, that this baseless story can be revived now that the money has stopped. Accusations alone are not appropriate and do not equate to guilt, and Danny will defend himself and be identified with the abundance of evidence and statements against the celebrations – his words speak for themselves. ”

Abadi’s legal expert, Jeff Anderson of Anderson & Associates, disputes Elfman’s actions, saying. To choose“Elfman said that his relationship with Nomi Abadi was platonic and consensual. His story is as amazing as what he did with her years ago. It wasn’t platonic. It was amazing.”

Abadi, who did not speak to Rolling Stone about his investigation, entered into a non-disclosure agreement with Elfman in July 2018, signing a $830,000 settlement.

A Rolling Stone report says Abadi signed the non-disclosure agreement “feeling he had no choice”. A friend of Abadi who spoke to the book said, “He felt that his career could end if he were to say that Elfman is a liar. And he is right. I’m sorry to say, but it’s sad how this business works.”

Abadi accused Elfman Wednesday morning at the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse of breach of contract for not paying him the full amount owed. Inside court documents – obtained by To choose – Abadi’s legal staff wrote that “the transaction was agreed to settle a serious dispute” in July 2018, which involved Elfman making 4 payments over 5 years, totaling $830,000. Some of the proceeds may be donated to charities beyond Abadi’s, the doctors say.

The criticism doesn’t say why Abadi’s case should be dismissed, but Rolling Stone notes that it “mainly refers to several books and articles in which the controversy refers to allegations of sexual immorality.”

Giving close to Abadi proves it To choose that the main reasons are related to sexual violence. “You don’t pay $830,000 for something that doesn’t make sense,” this guy said. To choose.

Elfman’s spokesperson says To choose in a statement, “While we do not touch on the case that we did not find, the fact that it provided a response to the media earlier than the defendant indicated that that is another distraction from years of advertising to solicit money from Mr. Elfman and his family. The allegations are without evidence.”

A spokesman for Elfman also provided it To choose and several documents along with photographs of messages and emails from Abadi, as evidence to support Elfman’s denial.

Rolling Stone spoke to several of Abadi’s friends who confirmed much of what he said. The report says that Abadi’s friends recall his excitement when he met Elfman in 2015 and that he “hoped he would take him on as a mentor and become the founder of his career.” The report continues, “Abadi visited Elfman at his recording studio several times during the year, when the allegations of Abadi’s misconduct allegedly occurred.”

Abadi’s police report states that “Elfman’s behavior went from mild to inappropriate within the first year,” Rolling Stone wrote. The book also quoted Abadi as saying, in his police report, that Elfman answered the door to his recording studio with a bare bathroom floor, explaining that “this is how he appreciates working.” Abadi said, in his police report, to Rolling Stone, that Elfman allegedly insisted that masturbation would help “along with his skills.” Abadi’s collaborators suggested to the publication that Elfman invite her to a sauna at his recording studio, which her spokesperson refused.

“He saw him as a mentor,” a friend of Abadi advised Rolling Stone, adding that he didn’t understand, at the time, that Elfman had “crossed a barrier.”

A friend told Rolling Stone, “He said he wanted to show her himself; obviously, that is very worrying. ”

Abadi is an activist and has spoken to the media so far about the corruption and toxicity in the entire music industry, saying that the #MeToo movement has left the creative world behind, yet he says that Elfman was the one who did it to him. This is the first time Elfman has been credited with his claims.

Earlier this year, Abadi joined a group of rape survivors at a press conference on Grammys weekend to urge the music industry to stop hosting the abuse ceremony. Abadi is the founding father of the Feminine Composer Security League (FCSL), an organization dedicated to empowering women working in the business. He said he was committed to showing toxic and offensive material that was not handled in production studios.

Elfman has been one of the most famous and popular writers in the world for nineteen years. After making more than 100 films over the past decade, Elfman is considered a long-time collaborator with Tim Burton on films such as “Batman,” “Beetlejuice,” “Edward Scissorhands” and the Netflix series “Wednesday,” which has been campaigning for the Emmys. Elfman is responsible for the music of many high-profile films including Marvel’s “Doctor Unusual in the Multiverse of Insanity,” the Oscar-winning films “Good Will Searching” and blockbuster franchises such as “Males In Black” and “Fifty Shades of Grey.” ” He is best known as a singer for his vocal work as Jack Skellington during the musical “Nightmare Earlier than Christmas,” which he composed.

As a musician, Elfman got his start in rock because he was the leader of the band Oingo Boingo. He returned to release his albums with the big “confusion” of 2021, “which was taken by the work of Holly And the Holly, in 2015.

The criticism tarnishes Oscar-nominated Elfman’s reputation, but also shines a light on the music-making world, an area of ​​the music business that has been under-examined through the #MeToo movement.

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