Michigan Republicans May Soon Face Fraud Charges for Hacking Voting Machines

The door has been opened to a group of Michigan Republicans who are supporting Trump, some of whom have been nominated to be indicted for vote counting fraud.

The Detroit News said:

Laying the groundwork for possible charges in the capital case, Oakland County District Court Judge Phyllis McMillen ruled Wednesday that it was illegal to pick up a ballot paper without a warrant from the Secretary of State or a court.

McMillen issued his 13-page ruling Wednesday, arguing that Michigan’s law against “improper possession of a pen” was not limited to elections in progress or the time before the results were counted. Under federal law, improperly possessing a tabulator is a felony.

Trump Republicans urged officials in three Michigan counties to turn over the tabulators, which they returned to rental properties and hotels for more information. Trump supporters hacked the tabulators because they were trying to find evidence of election fraud.

They did not find fraud, but the judge’s decision is that anyone who commits such a crime has committed a crime.

Republicans in Michigan may soon be convicted because they listened to Donald Trump and believed his big lie about the rigged election.

A Michigan attorney said Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, interviewed Michigan aides to seize the voting machine.

Any Michigan MAGAs who are indicted could be the tip of the 2020 conspiracy, as the answer seems to be coming to those who want to attack Trump.

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