McDonald’s To Pay Family $800K After Baby Chicken Was Burned

Family in Florida He has won his case McDonald’s. Specifically, the fast food giant is expected to cough up $800,000, and the legal challenge was sparked after hot chicken scalded a four-year-old child.

Family Originally Wanted $15M From McDonald’s

According to South Florida Sun Sentinel, the court ruled in favor of the couple on Wednesday (July 19). However, we must note that the family originally wanted $15 million, so the $800K fund is undoubtedly a little high in comparison.

However, the settlement provides $400,000 for past damages and another $400,000 for any future damages.

In his words, things became clear in 2019 after that Philana Holmes and his daughter –Olivia Caraballo8-went to McDonald’s in Tamarac, Florida.

After buying Happy Meals in the drive-thru and returning to her children, she heard Olivia crying out in pain. Mother He then pulled over and found himself on fire—which was recorded, along with the child’s cries, which were charged to the jury. The chicken had landed on Olivia’s leg, leaving a second degree burn.

The reason for the lawsuit is that Philana accused McDonald’s of not warning him that the food was therefore hot. In addition, the lawyers said that the incident left Olivia with emotional pain and a scar that she hopes to “heal”.

Mothers Are “Happy” With The “Fair” Decision.

Responding to the decision, Philana Holmes said she found it election “more than fair.”

“I’m glad they listened to Olivia and the judges were able to make the right decision. I’m happy about that. To be honest, I had no expectations, so this is more than fair to me.”

As for the defense team, they felt that $156,000 is enough to cover the damages, and the lawyer. Jennifer Miller saying that Olivia “doesn’t get hurt and hurt” at the end of the conflict.

“They still go to McDonald’s, they still ask to go to McDonald’s, [and] he’s still driving by with his mom, getting chicken nuggets. He is not bothered by the injury. That’s all, ma’am.”

Miller added, “Children are brave. We know Olivia solved this. His doctors said this, not me. “

CNN noted that the family’s lawyers had released a statement declaring that, “This important decision brings a fitting closure.”

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