LSU Professor Says He’s Leaving Immutable Messages and Death Wishes for State Senator Who Voted to Ban Child Sex Change (AUDIO) | The Gateway Pundit


On Tuesday, the Louisiana legislature voted to override a veto of a bill that would ban hormone therapy and birth control pills for children.

Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards previously vetoed the bill, which was passed by the legislature in June.

Republicans scored a victory in March when state representative Francis Thompson switched parties in the State House. But he failed to ignore two other bills that would have prevented sex issues from being discussed in schools and another that would have allowed teachers to use the words given to a child at birth. Breitbart news.

The increased veto appears to have upset Professor Marcus Venable of Louisiana State University, who is said to have left an angry note to the candidate who is threatening to kill him. He calls Senator Mike Fesi a “fat-headed old lady” and says he “can’t wait to read your name in the code.”

From the recording:

I just want to say ‘Well done,’ to our State Senator, Big Mike Fesi. And that idiot voted to make things worse for people who are already suffering. You fat f***ing piece of sh*t. You have not provided any evidence to support your claims about people being harmed by transgender care but we have had a lot of evidence to prove that there is a suicide risk in people who do not receive this care. So you, you fat headed lady, I can’t wait to read your name in the obituary. I’ll make a goddamn martini made from the tears of your butthurt conservatives When we put your ass down, it gets fatter. F*** you. I hope you are having a bad day. Go f*** yourselfffffff.

Below is the voicemail left by Venable:

Although there is no “Marcus Venable” in the List of LSU scholarshipsthere is “Marcus Venable” listed as a 2017-2018 “team” in the Department of Sociology at LSU. He is also listed as a “Professor in the Department of Sociology” at LSU. Images of comments left by students about “Marcus Venable” on showing that he seems to be political and rude. Another student said “he always tries his best forcing his opinion on people” while another says “they use sexual violence as an example for everything”. Another thing is that they can “drive you crazy” like you inside they don’t agree with his politics. The same student goes on to say that he “cursed the whole class when they force leftist politicians to think about you.” The same student says that his class is the class to take because “going to class will get you an A.”

LSU teams for 2017-2018 Venables’ list shows that his interests are “crime, sexual violence, repeat offenders, registered offenders”.

According to Price, Senator Fesi told the Sheriff who was able to trace the number. We have reached out to both Senator Fesi and Professor Venable for comment. He has not responded at press time but we will update if he does.


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