Leo’s Loo Too cat litter box review – Dandy for tackling doody work!

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Review it – I love my cat, but pooping is not on my favorite list. I have several litter boxes to help with poop control and love Leo’s Loo Too! C’mon, fellow Gadgeteer. Let’s see!

What is it?

Leo’s Loo Too is a Wi-Fi connected device that flushes solid waste using a rotating drum into a waste bag on the floor.

What’s in the box?

  • Leo’s Loo Too automatic litter box
  • Power adapter with anit-chew cord
  • Ten ropes for building trash cans
  • Two charcoal filters (already installed under the waste cabinet)
  • A quick reference guide
  • User manual

Hardware specifications

  • Example: Leo’s Loo Too (LLT)
  • 22 x 24 x 27.6 inches (56 x 61 x 70 cm)
  • Cargo weight: 27.5 pounds (12.5kg)
  • Cargo weight (gross): 37.4 pounds (17kg)
  • Maximum weight: 55 pounds (25kg)
  • Waste capacity: 1.5 liters (6 liters)
  • Energy consumption: 53kWh per year
  • Standby power: 9kWh per year
  • Scale accuracy: ± 1 pound (0.5kg)

Design and appearance

Oh! It’s a big box!

The content is well protected. There are plastic bags to protect against moisture and dust and strong cardboard corners.

The instructions show how to remove it by turning the box. The body of the Leo’s Loo Too automatic litter box is very sturdy. It looks like Kitty’s “Fortress of Solitude”! The diminutive colors are available in “Leo Grey, Avacado Green, Baby Blue,” and “Pretty Pink.”

The top comes off and the entire drum unit can be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

The bin moves off the center pivot at the bottom.

Below are some additional features

…Liner bags…

…Charcoal filters…

…Books, quick reference…

and three dolls.

The voltage is 12 volts at 2000mA. The strap is covered with a nylon braid to keep your cat or furry housemates from squirming.

The power plugs into the socket on the back.

There is not much to prepare the Leo’s Loo Too cat litter box for use. Use one of the included bags to place the litter box in. Additional bags are available Here.

The original Leo’s Loo Too automatic cat litter bin is made of flexible materials. Fill it with your favorite litter. The Loo holds 1.5 gallons (6 liters) which my cat, Mini, and I found to be plenty.

Litterbox connected to an app?! No, no, you precious Gadgeteer! Don’t worry about technical issues! Seriously, it’s the best part! My wife and I travel and it’s amazing that we don’t have to bother a friend or family member to clean the box until the bag is full. Smarty Pear recommends emptying once a week. and cleaning once a month The QR code in the book opens an instructional video that runs through account registration and integration of Leo’s Loo Too.

Adding a new Loo is done by clicking the “+” in the upper right corner.

Press the front button for two seconds to start the connection.

Add Wi-Fi information…

…And Leo’s Loo Too automatic box will start connecting. My phone also asked me to keep my email and personal information private.

They were added successfully. Ta-daa!

Selecting a device opens the main control page. The Loo can be turned on and off, UV blocking on and off, settings available, and manual cleaning activated. The bottom of the page shows a list of events.

Load sensors are integrated into the base and require the Looo to be placed on a solid surface. The test may not work well on carpets or bathrooms. The log page shows the weight of the cat.

The settings page configures how the system works. Multiple adjustments, automatic (triggered by cat sensors on the bottom) or timed operation, delay Kitty after using the Leo’s Loo Too automatic cat litter box, Sleep Mode (if there are times you want to avoid automatic), button. relighting, UV blocking time, and weight units (pounds or kilograms) can be changed. There’s even a reminder to change the filter and debris every 30 days. Stupid!

I usually buy litter in a big box from the local club and find that it is too big to fit in the bin. I need to start buying garbage in smaller containers or get a scoop so it doesn’t spill on the floor. Every time more waste is added, the system needs to be updated, perhaps to update the heavy-duty monitors. Holding the button for two seconds sends the Loo falling.

My favorite way to use it is automatic – Leo’s Loo Too automatic cat litter box detects when Kitty has visited and slows down the drum cycle. As it rotates, the cabinet separates the solids from the accumulated waste and discharges them through a chute into the waste bin. Waste that wasn’t… contaminated… passes freely through the cabinet and out the other side to be stored again when the cycle is complete.

This system works very well. After using it several times, it was clear that the smell of static litterboxes is greatly reduced, even when opening the drawer. That charcoal filter works!

Garbage is placed in a bag in the cabinet. When it is full, the system sends a message that the bag needs to be replaced. Just open the lid, close the bag, throw it away, and put in a new one. It takes seconds.

My cat has never had any anxiety about using a new shelter. As soon as I collected the Leo’s Loo Too automatic cat litter box, he was very interested and had no problem changing it, using it within a few hours The operation is silent and I suspect that it would be difficult unless your cat has a brain. Mini is a normal cat!

To further help keep the space clean, Smarty Pear also included a rug. It’s designed so that any debris that sticks to Kitty’s legs or fur will fall through the mesh at the bottom.

The mesh is open so that loose granules can easily be thrown out. I love this!

Smarty Pear also sent a cute laser toy.

Pressing on the cat-shaped belly button turns it on and off with a touch of a button.

The nose on the bottom rotates the lens with different shapes (star, mouse, smiley face, butterfly, and dot)

It can also be downloaded via USB-C. A super cool USB-A to USB-C cable is included. It connects together at the ends to form a beaded bracelet. Very Zen.

My cat is 16 years old and has been through the cat yard, but he was interested and chased the light for a few seconds. Fun!

What I like

  • No more copying! Wow!
  • They use commonly available waste.
  • The smell is much less!
  • Quiet
  • I don’t have to ask friends and family to take out the trash many times while traveling!
  • The program sends messages like this

What I would change

Final thoughts

The Leo’s Loo Too cat litter box is one of the things that makes sharing life with a cat, so much better! The machine is well designed, works flawlessly, and the app’s notifications are great reminders when maintenance is needed. I love this and Mini agrees too! Thank you, Smarty Pear!

Price: $649.99, Litter mat – $29.99, Laser toy – $19.99
Where to buy: Leo’s Loo Too – Smarty Pear, Amazon.
Garbage – Smarty Pear, Amazon.
Interactive laser toy – Smarty Pear
Source: An example of this review was provided by Smarty Pear

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