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Even if they have to close divorce rumors last week, Kyle Richards54, and her husband, Mauricio Umansky, 53, seems to be in good spirits! After the real estate mogul shared a shirtless pictures via Instagram on Jul. 14, his wife she took his comments to pass her by in a fun way because of her weight loss. “He must be ozempic,” Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star laughed in the comments. As many know, Kyle has shut down rumors that he took anti-diabetic drugs for weight loss earlier this year.

In Mauricio’s caption, he proudly wrote about the recent fitness journey in celebration of his birthday which happened on Jun. 25. “I was planning to post this on my birthday but I was in Aspen and there was a lot of noise,” he wrote, apparently referring to the idea of ​​divorce. “6 years ago I was fat and in no shape to get better every year. I have to post this to keep going and everyone knows it. [sic] You don’t send unless you are sitting it was done and thanks for everything lol.”

Kyle Richards Instagram comments shirtless photo
Kyle Richards responded with humor to his husband’s shirtless photos. (Mauricio Umansky/Instagram)

The 53-year-old soon shared shirtless pictures, many of his 680K followers flocked to the comments, along with Kyle, to lash out at his transformation. “What a time to live!”, one admirer joked, while another added, “Sexy Before.. Sexy After…” More of them father of threeadmirers could not help but express their love for Mauricio past and present. “I look good but I have to admit… I love the first pic,” one fan wrote, while another replied, “Snacks then. Delicious food now.”

Kyle Richards and shirtless men pictures
Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky have been married since 1996. (Matt Baron / Shutterstock)

Shirtless changing weight images from The Real Housewives The man came a week later after several reports said that Kyle and Mauricio were he stopped it for their love. After the source told PEOPLE that the two split up, Kyle and his leader left Instagram on Jul. 3 to shut down the rumours. “Regarding the news that has come out about us these days… the rumors about us getting divorced are not true,” the couple wrote in the post. shared knowledge. “However, yes, we have had a difficult year. The most difficult thing in our family. But we all love and respect each other very much.”

Later in the speech, several 27-year-olds asked fans to stop promoting “sympathetic stories” despite the entertainment that many give up. “There is nothing wrong with anyone,” they continued to write. “Even though we are in the public eye, we ask that we be able to fulfill it our problems privately. Although it may be interesting to think about, please do not create fake news to support other bad news.” Mauricio and his wife share three daughters: alexia, 27, Sophia23 and Portia15.

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