Kevin McCarthy Threatens to Impeach Biden As Trump Nears Impeachment

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said the impeachment inquiry against Biden’s Russia was rising to the point of impeachment.

McCarthy said, none of the below is true, on Fox News’s Hannity:

When Biden was running for office, he told people he never talked about business. He said that his family has never received a dollar from China, which we confirm is not true. We have some credible whistleblowers coming in, he said Biden the family has been treated differently, that what we have been told is different from what has been told to people and you are right here

you have millions abroad money and 1023 claims he made to his family now we found out it was done through the shell companies. If we were in our position, we would not have known this if the Republicans had not taken the majority. This goes up to the level of opposition to ask. It gives Congress the most powerful power to obtain necessary information and information. This president has used something we haven’t seen since Richard Nixon. Government tools to support his family and deny Congress control.


It is no accident that it is Trump is about to be indicted as part of the 1/6 investigation into new impeachment chargesKevin McCarthy threatens to challenge Joe Biden.

There is no evidence that the Republicans have the votes to cast a positive vote against the President of the United States.but the truth here cannot be against Biden.

Kevin McCarthy they can look to create enough scandal around Biden that voters will be disappointed and see both Trump and Biden as equals. The Republicans’ goal was always to repeat the 2016 election Trumpet he won by being the “lesser of two evils”.

However, the odds are that an attempt to impeach Biden would require, backfiring the Republicans. Joe Biden’s political experience is unlike any previous president who has been impeached. President Biden has nothing wrong with him. Republicans are using the Russian disinformation that was provided Rudy Guiliani – I’m Not Afraid (Official Music Video) as the basis of their modern conspiracy theory.

Any attempt to impeach Biden could backfire on Republicans, but the game seems to be taking its toll on Trump, and Kevin McCarthy is willing to make a false accusation to help the former president.

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