Kelly Rowland Talks About ‘Horror’ After Sony Ax

From him Destiny’s Child days until his own time and beyond, Kelly Rowland he reflects on some of the challenges he faced throughout his career.

In particular, the “Kisses Down Low” singer is talking about how professional decisions jeopardized her childhood relationships and how her bad relationship with Sony “really did.”

Kelly Says The Destiny’s Child Shake-Up Was ‘Heartbreaking’ To Watch ‘Failure’

This story happened recently Well, IF * solved that. Like this podcast it only required celebrities to tell “stories of failure, hardship, and redemption,” Rowland truly understood the role.

From the early days of his career, Kelly admitted that it was “painful” to see his childhood relationships “tarnished” by fame, like. LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett was taken off the list in 2000 and replaced Michelle Williams and – in short – Farrah Franklin.

Speaking of “Destiny’s Child’s transformation,” Kelly confirmed that the shakeup was for the group. “First look at what can fail,” in the words of the crowd Billy Mann.

“It was sad because you have to remember, with LeToya and LaTavia, we were friends. Like, I met LaTavia [in] primary school. He came to my house, and he heard me singing with the Barbies in my room.”

Kelly summed up the incident by saying, “Here’s a relationship that came together being shown to the whole world, and then being tarnished despite everything that happened.”

To top it all off, Destiny’s Child’s public shock was also confusing, as she felt like “everyone was watching the train go down.”

“It was difficult because people saw it again. It was public, and we just wanted to fix it. And it was embarrassing, and it felt like everyone was watching the ship go down. … It was difficult, and we were young.”

Kelly Rowland Admits Sony Tried To “Belittle” Her

While some of the “damaged” relationships were very difficult during her Destiny’s Child days, Kelly Rowland shared some of the pain she faced after starting a successful solo career.

From making songs like “Dilemma” and “Like This” to killing his part Trina“Here we go,” said Kelly work as a solo artist in the 2000s.

As a result, they shared it Sony Music Entertainment announcing that he would “no longer record with Columbia Records as a solo artist” drew attention.

“That’s how Sony directed me to go that really helped me. I was so f*cking p*ssed. I was so mad that I cursed. … I saw it on the Internet—it spread like wildfire. It said, ‘Kelly Rowland is no longer a reliable artist’ or something like that. I was like, ‘What the f**k does that mean?’

Kelly Rowland also said that she has been with Sony since she was a teenager and “[doesn’t] remember everyone in the company who is calling” to express their grief.

As a result, the situation left him “in a very emotional state [she] they are still needed[s] take action.”

“I felt useless. … [They] they tried to embarrass me and disrespect me, and that didn’t go well.”

Then he told me, “It was probably one of the most painful moments of my life. True.”

However, Kelly said she was happy to see her fellow artists follow her back.

“I thought people wouldn’t want to work with me. I thought these companies wanted nothing to do with me. And it wasn’t like that at all.”

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