Jamie Foxx Shares New Update 3 Months After Medical Accident

Neither Jamie nor Corinne has ever made a medical statement. However, it is a fan of the recent ones ran into Jamie in Chicago he said the actor looked “strong and good” while he he helped to recover his missing wallet.

“I knew it was him right away,” Terri “Queen” Glen he said Fox News, explains that Jamie found her on July 10 after she dropped her bag on the road during a pedicab ride. “I ran around the bike and said, ‘Can I give you a hug?’ And ‘Are you okay? Are you feeling well?’

Terri described how Jamie “just talked to me, and said, ‘I feel good.’

“He just kind of smiled a little bit,” she recalled. “It made me feel like she was appreciating me and asking her how well she was doing instead of saying, ‘Hey, can we get a picture?’

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