Jamie Foxx health update: Ice-T slams trolls for making clone and AI conspiracy theories, calls them ‘weirdos’

Since then Jamie Foxx also appeared in public in April’s health posts, netizens have been creating and spreading conspiracy theories about how the actor was made. His latest video has sparked a backlash as trolls question why Foxx looks different. Hip-hop rapper Ice-T has now called them “amazing” and added to the rumours.

Ice-T slams trolls for spreading fake news about Jamie Foxx and AI

Foxx’s appearance was questioned by a user who took a photo from his latest video and compared it to an old photo in red with the caption, “What is going on with Jamie Foxx?” The purpose of the tweet was to encourage conspiracy beliefs that Foxx was created or that the movie was created using quickly spread artificial intelligence.

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Ice-T wrote a tweet and called out the trolls, “People would rather believe that Jamie is now a Clone or an AI, than the man is very sick and almost died… Because he doesn’t look the same? difficult.

Many other users criticized conspiracy theorists saying how ridiculous it was to compare a photo of a red carpet with makeup, proper lighting, and a professional camera to a video taken from a phone with low light and a different camera lens. Apart from this people have also said that Foxx is still recovering from his health scare and naturally it will take time to get back to his old health, weight, and health.

Jamie Foxx’s horror is a change

In April, Foxx was hospitalization for a medical problem while filming the Netflix drama Back in Action. His latest movie it was an attempt to debunk health rumors floating around the internet. Explaining why she hid her illness, she said, “I want you to see me laughing, having fun, partying, making jokes, doing a movie, a TV show. I didn’t want you to see me coming out of the tubes.”

He dispelled various rumours to say what was the problem with his health. “Some people say that I was blind, but as you can see my eyes are working well. They said that I was disabled – I am not disabled,” he refutes the false news in the video. “Thank you a billion to everyone…it’s been a long road but all the prayers good people and God have gotten me through… [x2 folded hands emoji] [red heart emoji],” he said in a post.

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