James Cameron has denied that he is in talks to make an OceanGate film

James Cameron is denying rumors that he is involved in talks about a potential movie about the company that built and operates the Titan submersible.

The director of the Oscar-winning blockbuster Titanic made the announcement on Twitter July 15, about a month after the tiny guests from OceanGate Expeditions to enter underwater off the coast of Newfoundland while diving from the wreck of the famous Titanic, killing all five passengersincluding the head of the company, Stockton Rush.

“I don’t respond to offensive rumors on social media, but I have to,” Cameron said tweeted. “I’m not talking about the OceanGate movie, nor will I be.”

The Oscar winner, who jumped 33 times on the Titanic, was he shared his thoughts on the submersible implosion in press interviews days after the disaster.

“I am fascinated by the parallels of the sinking of the Titanic,” Cameron said ABC news June 22, “where the ship’s captain was repeatedly warned of ice in front of his ship and yet he hurried on to the ice on a moonless night—and many people died as a result.”

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