iPhone owners driving Tesla can soon use AirPlay to stream music to their cars

Tesla is still refusing to add CarPlay support to its cars but may be adding something else instead.

Tesla owners have been complaining about the lack of Apple CarPlay support for their high-end electric cars and CEO Elon Musk has so far ignored calls to increase it. But it seems there may be light at the end of the tunnel for iPhone owners. It’s just not the light they expected.

While there’s no hint that CarPlay is coming, Tesla’s updated software appears to have revealed upcoming features that will include it. AirPlay help instead.

AirPlay is better than nothing

The news comes after the Twitter account for “Tesla App Updates (iOS)” found the latest update and appears to be showing AirPlay playback. The new firmware, version 4.23.0, was released earlier this week.

By adding AirPlay support Apple is giving iPhone owners a new way to listen Apple Music in their cars. Currently, the traditional Bluetooth connection is the only way to listen to audio from the iPhone, which is not the future at all. And while CarPlay may help preserve the luxury Tesla is known for, AirPlay is better than nothing.

There is an Apple Music app for Tesla cars, and it’s an opportunity for people who want to go that route. But AirPlay support can also enable streaming videos from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

However, adding AirPlay support might just remind Tesla drivers how much they want CarPlay in their cars. That it’s not an option is an unusual choice when you remember that Tesla is one of the finalists – despite the news that GM is leaving. remove it its future form of electric cars. This is not a move that others seem likely to follow, however, many manufacturers have reiterated their commitment to offering CarPlay to their customers.

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