Influencer’s boyfriend Austa revealed that he stabbed her through IG

As the Nigerian police are said to be investigating the death of the founder Augusta Osedioncalled Honorand implied consent took to Instagram. Austa’s ex-boyfriend, Benjamin Bestname Killaboiapparently he admitted that he stabbed him “wrongly” during the argument.

The proper approval came one after the other written text on his Instagram Story (@killaboigram). At this point, we can’t confirm if the 26-year-old socialite wrote the post, but read on to see what the source had to say.

It is also worth noting that Killaboi’s Instagram account was initially private then he was removed on July 18.

“I got into a fight with my friend @austa_xxo in the fight I accidentally stabbed him and ran away out of fear and I’ve been suicidal ever since,” said one source. “I want to end my life now because I have lost my life [I] love it so much. I wanted to do good and change myself… I will die happy paying with my life now. “

Details of Austa’s death are scarce and unconfirmed, including the date of his death. However, the market in Africa like Ghana website and Naija News to say that the suspected murder happened last week. One of Killaboi’s Instagram posts said they had an argument on July 11 and tried to reconcile on July 12.

“We had problems on July 11, and we had to meet on the 12th to resolve things, that was a big mistake. When resolving things, it leads to many conflicts and fights,” it said.

His body was it is said that it has been found at Killaboi’s house in Lagos – prompting a police investigation. So far, there are no reports indicating Killaboi, charges, or any arrests. Some outlets say authorities found Austa with deformed breasts, nipples, and eyewitnesses. Although this has not been publicly confirmed by the authorities, one of Killaboi’s positions seems to be denying the removal.

“Anyone who says all these rituals with all the body parts have mercy because I have already agreed to surrender and face the law. This article did not help me at all, read it. “

Another article said:

“He knows what I do and he knows that I am clean, I make a reasonable amount of money and there is nothing wrong with us loving each other. We have been together for more than 2 years now and there is no way I am killing my lover because of rituals. “

Lagos State Police Command and Nigeria Police have not commented on the alleged killing on their Twitter accounts.

Austa Man Asks Netizens Not To Shame His Dead Friend

Killaboi’s repentance showed more of his “guilt” and his need to take responsibility. At one point, he said that he had failed himself, his mother, and his family. He said that he “can’t get away with this case,” and added that he is “crazy.”

“I should have left this bad relationship but I didn’t.” Oh lord forgive my sins, I wish I could go back and redo this but it’s done. I’m not a bad person, I’m not a bad person, I’m not a criminal. I didn’t kill, nothing was on purpose. Oh Lord I don’t know how this happened but I want to spend the rest of my days on this earth knowing that I will do the right thing and answer. I will not say anything but the truth and I will come out clean and hope that God will give me eternal peace and accept me,” another article read.

In another story, Killaboi is said to have pleaded with people not to shame his “love”.

“Stop embarrassing Augusta my love pls stop embarrassing her she was a good person and so was I.” Our only problem was a toxic relationship and different views on things. “

The story ended with:

“You’re all shaming him, I’m dying, I’m dying. Stop shaming him that there’s nothing wrong.


What We Know About The Late Influencer Austa And His Girlfriend Who Is Known To Have Revealed

The last time Austa posted on his Instagram feed—several photos of him wearing a two-piece outfit—was on July 9. His bio lists his location as Lagos and mentions his main activities as “beauty, fashion, lifestyle.” Austa also has a lot of bookings in his profile, with 122,000 followers.

As for Killaboi—details are not available—but his profile describes him as a “blockchain developer” and “crypto purveyor.” With 84,000 followers, it is also known as the Killaverse. The words in his biography say, “God is my greatest treasure.”

According to Ghana website, Killaboi has faced legal trouble in the past, including a 2021 arrest for fraud. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arrested him for using a stolen card to make N150 million, which translates to about $193,000.

This is a growing issue.

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