I am eager to see the rupee used as a dollar, said the President of Lanka

COLOMBO / NEW DELHI: Days before arriving in New Delhi, the Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe has said that the island nation wants to see the Indian rupee used as the American dollar.
“As East Asia, including countries like Japan, Korea and China, saw great growth 75 years ago, now it is time for India, and the Indian Ocean region,” Wickremesinghe, who also has a history of economics, said. India CEO Forum in Colombo.
The comment comes days after Sri Lanka decided to include the Indian rupee as a designated foreign currency, which the RBI said, indicating “increased internationalization” of the Indian currency. Sri Lanka has chosen at least 15 foreign currencies, including the US dollar, the Chinese renminbi, the euro, the yen and the Swiss Franc.
The rupee was included in the list after New Delhi supported Sri Lanka’s bailout package with the International Monetary Fund. Wickremesinghe’s latest statement also shows greater engagement with India after years of close ties with China, which has boosted investment and investment in the island.
Wickremesinghe is expected to visit New Delhi next week, his first since becoming president a year ago amid the island’s economic and political crisis. His comments were in response to the chairman of the Forum, TS Prakashwho in his speech called for the Indian rupee to increase in Sri Lanka’s economy.
“There is no difference for us if India (Indian rupee) becomes a common currency. We need to know how to do it. We need to be open to the outside world,” said Wickremesinghe. “The world is changing and India is progressing rapidly, especially under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi,” he added. He added that Sri Lanka benefits from its proximity to India, including its rich history, cultural heritage and long-standing ties. businessmen, The Daily Mirror. the newspaper quoted him.

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