Here’s Kim Kardashian’s Hottest Look at AHS

Plop yourself down in the nearest chair because you need to watch this teaser ASAP.

American Horror Story he has brought out the cold first look at what’s coming up weather ImmatureJune 20, giving by stealth of the show veteran Emma Roberts along with newcomers Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne.

The thirty-second video opens with women in long white hair standing in a circle, arms folded, chanting, “Baby, baby, baby,” before the infamous “Rock-A-Bye Baby” begins to play. Another expert shows a choreographed dance with images of chicks, a bird’s egg falling from a nest and cells dividing as each of the three mothers is introduced.

Emma, ​​Kim and Cara are shown with white hair and embellished glasses that are pulled down to reveal bright makeup and long, bold lashes. Instead, Kim has a moment of her own, where her image is seen holding a baby.

Along with the teaserThe show’s Twitter account cryptically wrote, “Stay tuned.”

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