Handheld Gaming Consoles Must Have Replaceable Batteries by 2027 Under New EU Regulation.

Handheld gaming devices may be required to have replaceable batteries by 2027, according to a new European Union law. Tools available here such as Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, and Asus Rog Ally will not be affected, but any future iterations of the same will be forced to be reconfigured in a way that will allow users to remove and replace portable batteries using commercial tools. It was first mentioned by Euro gamesThe Council of the European Union introduced new legislation that aims to regulate the entire life cycle of batteries, from production to reuse to recycling, so that they remain ‘safe, sustainable, and competitive.’

The laws it is also compatible with the ability to repair the end user, where instead of taking the faulty battery to a service center, one can easily change it at home without relying on special tools – provided that it is combined with medicine, for free. While it is true that companies may push back against the regulations, the four-year period gives them enough time to change and redesign the internals of their products to accommodate a removable battery. Manufacturers will also need to provide detailed manual and safety instructions to help users remove them easily. Remember, this only applies to devices sold within the EU and opens up zero-emission transport options because ‘batteries are key to carbonisation.’

Although the document did not clearly mention mobile gaming devices, in its words Overkill, an EU source revealed that it will be discussed under the same rules. The move is likely to face strong opposition from companies that would prefer to manage their operations in order to make more money.

At the moment, it is not known when Nintendo will be exempting the successor of the Amendment, and if so, whether the proposed laws will affect them. A report in May it was announced that the Japanese gaming giant will not release a new contract until April 2024. A rumor the Switch Pro has been floating around for a while, though it appears to be dead. Regardless, the need for new Nintendo gaming software hasn’t been seen since then The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Empire release, where the Switch has struggled to deliver smooth framerates.

At this time, a Steam Deck and Rog Ally it’s new, and Valve is nowhere near the new thinking of the old. Other companies entering the mobile market include Sony PlayStationwhich revealed Project Qdevice that allows your stream games from PS5 console via Remote Play or Wi-Fi. It comes with an 8-inch 1080p LCD screen in the middle, supported on both sides by buttons and analog sticks reminiscent of the DualSense controller.

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