Gotrax G6 scooter review – More power is more fun!

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Review it – I have reviewed another one electric scooter on this site, and it was disappointing. It had a good design, but it didn’t have the power to move. This is the opposite – more power, comfort, and safety, but only a little.

What is it?

The Gotrax G6 is an electric scooter that can move!

What’s in the box?

  • Gotrax G6 electric scooter
  • By hand
  • Charger
  • Valve stem extender for tire inflation

Hardware specifications

Miles per Charge: 25-35 Months
Fast Speed: 20 mph
Max Rider Weight: 264 lbs
Water Measurement: IP54
Vehicle Size: 500w per
Battery Size: 48v 15ah Lithium-Ion Battery (720wh)
Tire Size: 10″
Product weight: 45 lbs
Dimensions: 45″ X 18.5″ X 48.9″
Length of Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Frame materials; Aluminum Alloy A6061 & Steel
Type(s); Gunmetal Gray
Inner Tubes: 10″
Brakes: (Front & Rear) Disc Brake + Electromagnetic Brake (they say – looks like drum brakes to me)
Suspension: Front Wheel Suspension System
Show: Led Digital
Headlight: Led
Tail Light: Reactive Tail Light
Charger: 54.6 and 3a
Payment term: 6 hours
Introduction 2: Yes


Assembly of the Gotrax G6 electric scooter was easy. All I had to do was connect the handle with an Allen key, open it, and charge the battery. The instructions included a discussion about connecting the brake cables, but that was already out of the question. I changed the brakes a bit to make them grip a little more slowly on the steel bars, but it was easy to do and not really necessary – just a point. Once it’s set up, it’s ready to go!

Design and appearance

The Gotrax G6 scooter is very similar to the rental scooters found in most cities today. On the right hand side there is a large lever, and the handbrake both work in the same way as on a bicycle, so that they are familiar.

There is a small suspension fork on the front wheel, and the tires are pneumatic 10 inch, these two things combined provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The 500W rear motor provides plenty of power, and the brakes feel very secure and can slow the scooter down if needed. The brakes are attached to the rear light, which illuminates when the brakes are applied for safety. In addition to the tail light, there is a headlight with cool purple LEDs on the bottom that have a subtle “break”.

The display is in the base and has a single button that is used to turn it on and off, change the three speed settings, and turn the lights on and off. These controls also have an optional passcode to help prevent theft. It locks the rear wheel until you enter the correct number. One useful feature is the cruise control – hold the sound for 10 seconds, and it will stay there until you hit the brakes – no need to press the sound.

The Gotrax G6 electric scooter has a large rubberized desk to provide plenty of space to stand on, and perhaps even help with luggage. The scooter folds and folds easily, making it easy to transport, even at 45 pounds, so you won’t want to take it far.

The side stand was stable and easy to use, and an auxiliary bell was included to let people know you were coming.

The design of the Gotrax G6 electric scooter is simple – mostly gray and black, with a gray color. It won’t show, but it’s probably a good thing, given the rate at which these things are stolen. Some unique color options can be an opportunity for customization.


We took a Gotrax G6 electric scooter (and one other) when we went to visit my parents in a resort town for the 4th of July holiday. Cars are very popular this time of year, so we expected a scooter to be the best option – we were right! The Gotrax G6 provided all the power, braking, and protection we needed to zip around town and get to the beach with confidence and speed – and parking is easy! The G6 cruises easily at 20 MPH, and gets up to that speed quickly, thanks to the torquey 500W rear-wheel drive. I’m not sure the front suspension did much, as it seemed too stiff, but the 10-inch pneumatic tires dampened small bumps and road chatter.

My only complaint about the Gotrax G6 electric scooter is that the display is not visible even in the dark. In order to see anything in the display, I had to wrap my arms around it and put my face down to block out almost all the light. That was a bit of a disappointment in an otherwise great scooter. The headlights and taillights, as well as the purple “recessed” lights on the floor, were all very bright and gave a lot of visibility at night. The headlight was a bit narrow and focused too close to the front of the scooter. At high speed, I felt like I was chasing light. It’s not reversible so there’s nothing I can do about it. But in terms of being seen, which is probably the most important thing, it was enough. Battery life was great – we were at the beach for a week, using the scooter several times a day, and never had to charge it again. It was almost over when we left, but we got used to that one tree.

Back in our Appalachian mountain town, it was time to test the Gotrax G6 on some hills, which were difficult on the other scooter I tested. Not so with the G6. Mountains are not a problem. The train was slow on the hills, but it didn’t struggle and was able to climb steep grades, which was impressive.

Which I like

  • Lots of energy
  • Good brakes
  • Cruise control
  • Fun ride!

What I would change

  • Avoid being stopped
  • Add a daytime display
  • Adjust the headlight slightly

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a tough ride on rough city streets and hills, the Gotrax G6 electric scooter is a great choice.

PricePrice: $649.00
Where to buy: Gotrax and Amazon
Source: An example of this review was provided by Gotrax.

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