Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Downplays Killings to Endorse DeSantis’ Slavery Lessons

Greg Gutfeld of Fox News is trying hard to get Ron DeSantis ‘slavery to be beneficial for slave education’. Therefore, he said, Jews had to learn to be helpful in order to survive the Holocaust, in which the Nazi regime killed six million men, women and children – many of them after arriving at the concentration camps.

In order to refute the criticism of the Florida studies ‘slavery was beneficial’, Greg Gutfeld said against Jessica Tarlove, a Jewish colleague who said that he was “not comfortable” with the line about the benefits of slavery, that Viktor Frankl wrote about how you had to be “helpful” to survive the Nazis.

Vik Frankl talks about how you lived in a concentration camp having the skills. You had to be helpful. Helpful! Utility saved your life! “

It will not surprise you to know that Gutfeld described logotherapist Viktor Frankl in a misleading way. Frankl was a survivor of four concentration camps who researched the theory in his book Man’s Search for Meaning that our greatest desire is to find a purpose in our lives and especially to have a choice of how to deal with our circumstances. He also wrote about the suicidal problems faced by prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. In in the concentration camps, he lost his wife and parents, and “most likely, losing hope, dignity and meaning.”

This experience does not guarantee that he will be sent to a forced labor camp and therefore it is important to find a way to prove yourself important in the hope of pleasing the monsters to kill you.

Just because being “helpful” helped some people escape death doesn’t mean it was worth being kidnapped and taken to a concentration camp. This also leaves out the fact that many of the victims of the Nazis were killed immediately after arriving at the concentration camp, and had no chance to “help.”

Demonstrating that middle school children’s education includes the skills learned during slavery and being held as involuntary prisoners, promoting decriminalization and reducing the dangers of involuntary servitude.

It also leaves out the fact that many slaves were already skilled when they were stolen. The idea that black people were unskilled brutes is a deadly stereotype but a common combination of racism and poor education. DeSantis’ teachings will only mislead future generations on these issues, willfully increase racism and divide the country between those who have been taught the truth and those who have been taught pure lies.

There is no need to teach middle schoolers that slavery was beneficial to the slaves. Even the fact that it helped the victims is false. Want to guess who brought important knowledge about rice farming to America? That would be it enslaved people “taken from the countries along the ‘rice coast’ in Africa brought to the Americas information about the plant.”

Being “helpful” to avoid being killed is not beneficial. Learning a new skill because you were kidnapped, taken from your family and home and forced to quit your job is not a ‘benefit’ of slavery.

All of these things are survival techniques, used by people who have been victimized, victimized by criminals, murdered, raped, and more. The survival strategy is not something that people who have been affected by these risks can register for and it is not beneficial, nor should it be the focus of middle school students’ education about these risks.

Both of these theories of the ‘goodness’ of being victimized end up blaming the victims: Were the victims not helpful enough? Did the skilled and skilled slaves of the past have to thank the white colonists for stealing them, separating them from their homes, their families and their loved ones forever, because they might have learned a skill that they would not have had to learn if they had not become a greedy, inhuman prey to their freedom?

These are such disgusting facts that many of us are speechless. But we must not be silent when faced with such lies, because silence is compliance and allows history to be rewritten as these people want.

Shame on Greg Gutfeld, Fox news, to all the people who repeat these lies, and most of all, shame on Governor Ron DeSantis for starting yet another attack on freedom and dignity in our country’s politics.

If these conservatives find kidnapping and torture to be more effective, they are more than welcome to send themselves to a concentration camp or be taken into slavery regardless of their current abilities. Until they are committed to doing this, everything they say about the benefits of slavery and the Holocaust is a complete lie that means that the victims of gaslighting will teach a new generation to similarly abuse the victims and plant the seeds of destruction for another race.

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