Former CIA Director in Moscow, Through His Comments, Shows Why the CIA Is Heartless | The Gateway Pundit | and Larry Johnson

My first and only meeting with Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, who served as the CIA’s Chief of Station around 2000, was at a meeting with my former CIA colleague, Valerie Plame, five years ago. Rolf is a kind, soft-spoken man, but he is blinded by old Cold War ideas of the world and cannot see Russia straight.

In Rolf’s world, Putin is evil. Too bad. And the United States? As pure as driven snow on the Artic Tundra. They perpetuate the myth that Putin is weak and in trouble. Rolf also makes the absurd claim that the deployment of the US bomb would involve Russia’s use of lethal weapons. He is not a stupid person. Yet they ignore the fact that the United States and its NATO allies are the ones using the most advanced, deadly weapons. Who sent HIMARS? Who sent the M777? Who sent Storm Shadow?

I was very surprised by Rolf’s firing in the West failing to provide 155 mm shells and air defense systems. The much ballyhooed Patriot system has been a complete blast. But this does not surprise Rolf. They only look at the West needing to show determination and commitment. In fact, he says that it is possible that Russia will be defeated by Ukraine. We need to know what things change the mind that he has been drinking. That’s the only explanation I can come up with to explain the nonsense that comes from his lips.

Warning – please do not have a hard object nearby, such as a baseball or a rock, while watching this video because you may be tempted to throw it at your screen in anger due to the so-called “analysis.”

I have written this in its entirety so that you understand that I am not taking any of his comments personally. Officials like Rolf explain why the CIA has a reputation for being useless.

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