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The latest sinking of the former White House chef is Obama Tafari Campbell it is the second time that a former White House chef has died in a drowning in the past decade.

Back in 2015, former White House chef for Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Walter Scheib disappeared while walking outside the city of Taos, New Mexico.

According to authorities, Scheib disappeared after hiking at the Taos Ski Valley, located 10 miles outside of Taos.

After several days of searching, Scheib’s body was found by an emergency rescue team and the state medical examiner determined that she probably died of drowning.

The road to Scheib is notorious for flooding and mudslides during the summer months.

ABC explained the matter in 2015:

Former White House chef Walter Scheib may have drowned while on vacation outside Taos, New Mexico, more than 10 days ago, authorities confirmed today.

The state medical examiner completed an investigation into Scheib’s death today after his body was found Sunday night, about 30 yards from the road where his car was last seen.

Thunderstorms were reported in the area where Scheib decided to hike the day he was last seen, according to weather reports. The mountainous area is also prone to landslides, landslides, and rockfalls, according to New Mexico State Police Sgt. Elizabeth Armijo.

Scheib, 61, was last seen on June 13 going for a hike on the Taos Ski Valley trail 10 miles outside of Taos.

Now it’s almost 2023 and Obama’s former White House chef Tafari Campbell has drowned.


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