Erica Herman Files $30M Tenancy Lawsuit Against Tiger Woods

It seems Erica Herman it doesn’t go back inside Tiger Woods‘ house recently. According to the New York Post, Herman has left her A $30 million lawsuit against the golf professional and his position.

A 39-year-old man filed a lawsuit in 2022, it is alleged that Tiger and his estate agents lured him away from his home in Florida. Erica Herman said she had a “verbal agreement” guaranteeing her five years of living in Tiger’s house after the breakup.

In fact, he says Tiger is his Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust workers conspired to give him shoes. The suit said his employees told him about the “short leave”. When she got to the airport, Erica says the staff told her the relationship was over. He says he offered to settle and told him $40,000 that his money had been “misappropriated.” His case said Tiger Woods violated the Landlord Tenant Act.

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The New York Post reported that the case was settled in August. However, a court filing on June 29 reportedly indicates that it was terminated due to Erica’s dismissal.

Erica Herman Awaits Appeal Results in NDA Case With Woods

But the dismissed case is not the end of the cases of Tiger Woods and Erica Herman. Instead, the dismissal is based on the outcome of a second appeal filed in another case.

“The Plaintiff, ERICA HERMAN, through her undersigned attorney, hereby objects without prejudice to her Complaint, filed on October 26, 2022, pending the appeal of Herman v. Woods should be judged and determined if his claims deserve to be divided.”

In March, Erica Herman filed a lawsuit to void the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she allegedly signed in 2017.

By May, additional bookings were made against Tiger to rape Herman. The filing said Woods forced her to sleep with Erica while working at his restaurant, The Woods Jupiter, in South Florida. Erica Herman said Tiger Woods asked her to sign an NDA or be fired.

However, Circuit Judge Elizabeth Metzger ruled that Herman must comply with the NDA because of the “vague and unconscionable” claims. The judge added that, “Herman has been lucky [to] provide facts about any information related to sexual harassment or abuse. However, he did not do that.”

Just before the ruling on the dismissal of the $30M suit, Erica Herman filed a second appeal to have the NDA revoked due to allegations of sexual harassment. This means that the case is still pending.

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