Elon Musk officially kills Twitter

Many viewers may have missed it, but when the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day” premiered 37 years ago, it had something special at the time: event after the credits. In it, the lead singer makes a recurring appearance, looking at the audience, saying, “You still here? It’s over. Go home.”

This appeared to be the message Elon Musk gave to Twitter users over the weekend when he told them he was killing the bluebird he bought for $44 billion. Instead, Musk has pitched “X,” which he wants to be a platform for banking and other clearly defined activities. Nothing has been built. In the meantime, he’s burning the iconic brand, domain, and functionality that gave him residual value.

Elon Musk has been obsessed with the letter “X”. When he was one of the founders of PayPal, that’s what he wanted to call the payment service until reasonable friends killed the idea. He then founded SpaceX and bought a way into Tesla, where he named the top of the car “Model X”. He later named his son with singer Grimes “X Æ A-Xii,” or “X”.

But hey, it’s not a everything emotion. Musk and Grimes also named their daughter, the former Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, “Y.” Also, given his history of names, English speakers can be glad that Musk no longer refers to Twitter as “Æ” so we don’t have to spend all day arguing about how to pronounce it.

According to Musk, the name of the platform is now X. On X, people no longer tweet, they tweet “X.” Since Monday, the blue bird that rose to the top of the Twitter page on the desktop program has flown, replaced by X. Users will also find their activities on the platform often interrupted by animations of X images shooting on the screen. Musk has promised more updates in the near future, which should analyze every sign of Twitter from desktop and laptop. One of the biggest changes for heavy Twitter users is the death of Tweetdeck, which allows multiple Twitter feeds in one window. It is moving to registration only. No word on whether it will be called X-Deck.

Musk’s announcement of the name change included many big claims about the universe of X, and how it will destroy banks (and possibly all companies) and bring about a time when Musk controls all events on earth – which should be the definition of paradise. But for now, the format is a mishmash of familiar elements that will be featured in other future books as well no creating a product release.

As usual, the supposed CEO Linda Yaccarino follows Musk to wake up, speaking incoherent words that give any impression that all of this is as surprising to him as it is to everyone else. Also, he tried hard to put one thing that he could say would make people More information more worrying than saying that Musk wants to own everything. See if you can see it.

It is possible that X will indeed be a permanent payment facility. It could be something else. Given the competitive landscape and many choices consumers face when shopping online, there seems to be an opportunity for a major player to emerge. Musk still has billions of dollars to throw at the problem, even though he’s paying $44 billion for the bird.

Much of what Musk is describing here has already been done in WhatsApp. Why didn’t Musk just buy WhatsApp in the first place? Because this platform has a value of more than 96 billion dollars. That valuation has grown by nearly $20 billion since Musk bought Twitter.

In any case, if Musk wanted to create a charging station called X and give it great “audio, video, messaging” capabilities, he could have done it. without buying Twitter. Through his actions immediately after the purchase, Musk lost many of Twitter’s advertisers. By continuing to embrace fascists, racists, misogynists, and conspiracists with nasty streaks, it has made users yearn for another job. Now he’s turned Twitter on fire, burning what’s left of his ill-gotten wealth.

X shows the place where Musk didn’t just kill Twitter: I also admit defeat.

A scathing thread from democratic technologist Elizabeth Spiers shows why even the original idea of ​​”X” as some kind of global economy is ridiculous. Definitely worth reading.


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