Dolores Catania calls Teresa Giudice a ‘good’ mother in light of daughter Milania’s weight gain

Dolores Catania is defending Teresa Giudice, who is under fire for encouraging her 17-year-old daughter, Milania Giudice, to lose weight.

On a recent episode of Teresa’s “Namaste B$tches” podcast, the teenager revealed that she lost 40 pounds in middle school after her mother and sisters pressured her to lose weight – which Catania said was “good”.

“I remember Milania doing something and she was gaining weight,” Catania, 52, told US Sun on Thursday.

“You know? Sometimes when you’re a teenager, you start living an unhealthy lifestyle – you just eat junk food with your friends,” he continued.

“I think it is good for a mother to make sure that her child is overweight and to recognize her child’s weight and start telling him not to gain weight.” Being overweight is very bad.”

Dolores Catania and Teresa Giudice
Dolores Catania defended Teresa Giudice amid outrage over her daughter Milania Giudice’s weight loss.

Milania told fans on her mother’s podcast last week that although the star of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, 51, did not force her to eat a certain way, she made sure to comment on the diet of the middle schooler at the time.

“My mom — she wouldn’t say anything to me — but she’d be like, ‘Oh, are you going to have another ice cream?'” he recalled on the PodcastOne show.

The teenager joked that at the time he would sarcastically reply, “‘I don’t care if I’m fat!’ I’m like, ‘If I’m fat, I’m fat. In any case. It’s my Life.'”

Dolores Catania
“I think it’s good for a mother to monitor and recognize her child’s weight gain and try to deal with it before it’s gone,” the “RHONJ” star said.

However, all the constant comments from her mother and sisters – who were not very smart – led Milania to change her life.

However, the young man said that he decided on his own to lose weight, and one day, “it just clicked, and I did it.”

In fact, Milania asked Teresa to hire a nutritionist, who would give her “healthy meals” three times a day. On top of that, the eighth grader started working twice a day: before school and after.

Milania and Teresa Giudice.
Milania revealed on a recent podcast that she lost 40 pounds in middle school after being persuaded by her family to lose weight.
Teresa and Milania Judge.
The eighth grader then began going to a nutritionist and exercising several times a day.

“They have to do it themselves,” Teresa said of her four daughters. “You can’t force them, and I didn’t want her to have any problems or anything, and I thought she looked cute. She was a little fat.”

Teresa said that she always found the young man “beautiful” and “beautiful.”

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However, many Bravo fans were quick to criticize the reality TV star even commenting on her daughter’s attractiveness and her looks at her tender age.

Milania Judge.
Although the teenager said it was her decision to lose weight, Teresa was criticized for supporting the decision.

One person wrote: “This is so sad that his family forced him to lose weight in such a short time.” She was beautiful just the way she was.

“40 lbs in two months?!?!? That’s not healthy at all,” added one, while a third wrote, “This is how teenage girls feel. It could be the start of a life-threatening problem.” let the young women be free, happy and enjoy this short time in their lives.”

Despite the difficulties, the couple enjoyed a night on the town on Tuesday at Alicia Keys’ concert.

A note Dolores Catania calls Teresa Giudice a ‘good’ mother in light of daughter Milania’s weight gain appeared for the first time All good.

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