DJ Khaled Reveals He Is A Woman Trying To Have A Daughter

DJ Khaled revealed him and his wife, Nicole Tuck, trying to have a daughter after having two boys; he recently said Page Six.

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Khaled & Wife “Praying And Trying” For Daughter After Two Boys, Says

“I can’t even lie to you,” Khaled said at the Shawn Carter Foundation event in New York on Friday (Jul. 14). “We’ve been praying and trying for a girl.”

The 47-year-old and Tuck have already received it Asahd6, in 2016 and The world3, in 2020, as previously stated The Shade Room.

These stories are not really surprising. The rapper/producer has been wanting a daughter for years now.

Khaled Has Been Wanting A Daughter For Years Now, 2021 Quiz Reveals

In April 2021, he said PEOPLE that he was “ready to do” about having another child. He also said that he would “love” to give his two sons a younger sister.

“I’m ready. I’m ready to do something,” said Khaled. “Whatever God has blessed us with, we’ll be grateful. I want us to have another beautiful blessing, and [my] two boys can have a sister… It’s all in God’s hands and, at the end of the day, we are thankful and happy for this. Family is everything.”

Khaled and his wife, Nicole, have been together for over a decade, The Shade Room report. They got married in 2016.

DJ Khaled Says He And His Wife Are Instilling A Hard Working Heart In Their Children

DJ Khaled is worth more than $75 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. However, he tells Page Six that he is still interested in working on his boys.

“Children talk to mothers and fathers every day and they see us working every day, so that’s how you teach your children to be happy,” he added at last week’s ceremony.

“You bring them around greatness and you bring them around love. I let Asahd and Aalam know every day that if they want shoes I tell them that daddy has to work hard so he can keep buying boxes and boxes.

DJ Khaled Teaches Kids To Carry On (His) Legacy: “My Kids Will Be Good Forever”

Meanwhile, DJ Khaled added that his children “will be (money) good forever. Mom and dad are sure about that.”

“My children will be good forever because mom and dad will make sure,” he said Page Six, “That is what all mothers and fathers strive to do. But we also want them to grow up well and do whatever they want. Take the blessing to continue the legacy and take it wherever they want to do because we do everything for our children. “

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