DeSantis’ ‘Get Out There and Hit Me’ Moment on MSNBC

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Podcast host Megyn Kelly disagree with other Republicans’ take on the 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis walked through Friday’s town hall and Tucker Carlson. And he thinks it’s time for Florida’s governor to make a splash on television.

“I think DeSantis is starting to find his way,” Kelly said in an interview before his public address. Turning Point USA conference in Palm Beach, Florida. “He is doing well in this situation. It was great what they did in Ukraine and so much more. ”

Asa Hutchinson has never been lucky, he pointed out, but the former Arkansas governor’s response to Carlson on the matter suggests that he is “done” in the future.

He explained Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina being the beloved and former Gov. South Carolina, Nikki Haley as “very talented” and “very smart.” But each of the nominees has the same problem in choosing, Kelly said, adding: “It didn’t change yesterday.”

But he’s a businessman Vivek RamaswamyKelly finds him likable, but ultimately unmotivated.

Podcaster Megyn Kelly appears here Aug. 6, 2015, still anchoring Fox News, with Chris Wallace (left), who has also left the network, and Bret Baier, who remains at Fox. The trio were overseeing the Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

“I think he’s falling behind on incentives, even though that’s his biggest game,” he said. “So, I think it’s a win for DeSantis.”

Ramaswamy’s actions in the town hall were praised by conservatives such as Charlie Kirk, who he told The Daily Signal Saturday that “Vivek was the best performer.” (Kirk rejected the idea of ​​Ramaswamy as Trump’s vice president, but said Ramaswamy would make a good presidential candidate.)

“I think he reads the room, well … he’s a genius, he understands, he’s built an amazing business,” Kirk said. “But I really want Vivek to be on the team to save America.”

But for Kelly, DeSantis he was the clear winner.

“I think the big story is that DeSantis is standing up, right?” he said. “But it’s too late, and he’s got $150 million in his war chest, so it’s too early to talk about his campaign. I’ve said this, it’s not been a terrorist attack. He started out falsely with the Twitter thing. And he’s not a natural business politician, but if you look at the guy enough, I think he will defeat you.”

DeSantis doesn’t have the charisma of former President Donald Trump, and he’s “a little bit stupid,” he said. “But he’s a smart, professional, humane person.”

“I think the No. 1 thing he needs to do is put himself in front of the liberal press and fight,” he said, pointing to former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s success in fighting the liberal media while saying Lake has no 1./10 legal or political credentials. which DeSantis has.

“Go on MSNBC! That’s what I tell him to do,” he added.

Kelly also questioned DeSantis’ decision to go on “Meet the Press” or on CNN.

“Everybody is left-wing except the Fox brand and the cable channels,” said Kelly, a former Fox News host. “So choose.” But they have to go there and fight. “

When asked if DeSantis should go on “The View,” Kelly replied: “Oh, it would be interesting. Impossible. I mean, who would watch them? I mean, you would have to if he was there, but it’s going to be a tough, tough nut to crack. Still, he’s got to do something or everything.” . He’s got to do something to change that. And you know what people like about Trump? He’s confrontational. He doesn’t back down. He gets in your face.

“DeSantis has it too. He hasn’t put himself in situations where he could show it.”

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