Deal of the day – Save over $500 on the Narwal Freo robot vac/mop!

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DEAL ISSUES – If you haven’t already, now is a good time to seriously consider adding a robot vacuum to your home. Seriously, if you don’t have it, you want to… Thank me later. The Narwal Freo has features that make this vacuum stand out from the crowd. While most robot vacuums offer mopping features in addition to mops, the Narwal Freo robot vac goes one step further with a mopping head that rotates while cleaning. It also uses a cleaning solution that cleans your floors instead of plain water (and if you order it using the coupons below, they’ll give you a free bottle of cleaner). The Freo vac uses its unique DirtSense AI technology to detect whether your floor has been cleaned properly or if it needs further cleaning. And when the cleaning is done, the station knows how long to wash and dry the mops to make sure they are ready for the next cleaning.
Original pricePrice: $1399.99
Instant coupon: $200.00
The final pricePrice: $898.99
Coupon code: PDdealsAZ11 (Additional $1 off + free bottle of floor cleaner )
Where to buy: Amazon
Due date: 07-23-2023 23:59 PST
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