Days Of Our Lives July 26th, 2023 Spoilers: What secret Sloan is keeping from everyone?

Coming on Days of Our Lives, Marlena will discover the terrible truth. While Sloan panics about her secret, Gwen receives a rude awakening and more. A new episode of Days of Our Lives is set to air and we have all the information you require about the forthcoming episode, who will be in it, how to watch it, and other important information.

The upcoming episode will show Guilty Leo working to be Gwen’s advocate. Stephanie and Chad have plans for the evening which are ruined. In the meantime, EJ and Nicole find out that Sloan is carrying Eric’s child. Later, Sloan fears that her secret may be discovered.

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Days of Our Lives spoiler highlights:

Leo tries to help Gwen through a difficult time. Their connection is further complicated and tense by his emotional struggle and efforts to support her.

While spending time together, distractions cause Chad and Stephanie’s evening plans to change unexpectedly. Unexpected occurrences trigger a series of outcomes that put their relationship and dedication to the test.

When Ej and Nicole learn shockingly that Sloan is carrying Eric’s child, it alters their relationships and sends shockwaves across their lives. The revelation causes mental turmoil and reveals long-kept truths.

Sloan is in a panic because she’s worried that her secret will be discovered and cause major problems. Her dread and desperation heighten the tension and fascination of the plot as it develops.

Here’s a recap of what happened on Days of Our Lives:

Kristen is confronted by Belle, who tries to persuade her to withdraw her claim. The audience is enthralled by the high-stakes discussion because their futures are on the line.

Brady confides in Eric and bravely admits what he did with regard to Kristen. The open discussion probes the complexity of bonds between people and puts brotherly ties to the test.

Li describes what happened before she met Melinda, giving light on past events and demonstrating surprising links. The disclosures add another layer of depth to the developing plot and heighten the suspense. For the unknown, Melinda and Sloan connect through similar struggles and experiences and find common ground. 

Days of Our Lives is a daytime drama about the intertwined loves, lives, triumphs, and heartbreaks of the Horton, Brady, Kiriakis, Hernandez, and DiMera families.

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