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This year San Diego Comic-Con started on Jul. 20 is Danny Masterson47, was cut to A ’70s show 25th anniversary activation, according to Entertainment Weekly. The source revealed that the disgraced actor was not included in the “larger-than-life photos,” which include photos of the original cast. Currently there is a commemorative opening of the series that was established at the Omni Hotel in San Diego during the conference.

Danny Masterson Cuts From 'That '70s Show' To Launch At Comic-Con
Danny Masterson played Steven Hyde on ‘That ’70s Show’ for eight seasons. (Everett)

In addition, there is a video shown (see video here) to the hotel that Danny is “briefly shown” inside. At the end of the clip, the 47-year-old is heard crying “Hello, Wisconsin,” which is shown at the end of the show. Although she was able to hear him during the episode, the outlet noted that he was “not present for the entire video,” which can be viewed at the hotel.

Fans of the show can visit the hotel and take pictures with the 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, along with life-size portraits of the rest. The opening will be shown during Comic-Con weekend in San Diego. In addition, the output revealed that there was a group organized by fellow players Debra Jo Rupp (Kitty) is Kurtwood Smith (Red)however, it is resolved within the current context The SAG-AFTRA strike.

Danny Masterson Cuts From 'That '70s Show' To Launch At Comic-Con 2
Danny Masterson was convicted of two of the three rapes in May 2023. (Shutterstock)

Danny’s dismissal from the launch comes almost two months later he was judged for the two reasons of forced laboras he said Miscellaneous on May 31. There was a third a crime of rape, however, the court overruled the decision. Born in New York he was the first case for “forcibly raping three women in separate incidents that occurred between 2001 and 2003,” in Jun. 2020.

After Danny was found guilty of two counts in May, the jury voted 8-4 in favor of a conviction. He has pleaded “not guilty” and denied all the accusations against him, at AP news. Now, the father of one has been jailed for 30 years following the charges that were brought against him earlier this spring. It is said that there will be a date to hear the case on Aug. 4.

In the comedy series, Danny starred as Steven Hyde for eight seasons. A ’70s show it aired from 1998 until its final episode in May 2006. Some of the cast members are Mila Kunis39, Ashton Kutcher45, Laura Prepon43, Topher Grace, 45, and others. Restart, A ’90s showIt premiered in January 2023, however, Danny has been removed from a new list.

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