Cruz, Paul Talks About New White House Rules

Two conservative senators talk about the Daily Signal’s chief reporter, Fred Lucaslose his access to the White House when the new rules take effect on July 31.

Lucas has worked at the White House for the past 14 years. The new rules they will require all White House “hard-clearance” officials to have clearances from the Supreme Court (which provides information to a limited number of reporters) or Congress, which some conservatives have struggled to obtain.

Lucas has petitioned Congress and the Supreme Court for warrants, but it is unclear when he will hear whether or not he will be granted warrants.

“The Biden White House often asks Big Tech to watch interested parties, but it seems they’re taking matters into their own hands,” he tweeted. Sen. Ted CruzR-Texas.

“The Biden White House doesn’t know who brought the cocaine, but they can see and lose a member of the press,” said Sen. Randi PaulR-Ky.

The official Twitter account for Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee tweeted:

The House Committee is chaired by Rep. Jim JordanR-Ohio.

As President, Joe Biden has shown that he does not want to do much with the media.

According to the American Leadership Project, Mr. Biden holds an average of 10.3 news conferences per year, a significant drop from Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, who hold 22 and 20.3 news conferences per year.

In April, The New York Times report that Mr. Biden has only given 54 interviews in his presidency so far, while Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama have done 202 and 275 interviews in the first two years, respectively.

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