Britney Speaks delightfully poses with Lance Bass’ ‘gorgeous babies’; calls herself a ‘new auntie’

Britney Spears has taken on a new role in her life, and it’s absolutely heartwarming! The pop star recently met the adorable 20-month-old twins of her friend and NSYNC alum, Lance Bass, and couldn’t contain her excitement. The touching moment was shared on Twitter, melting the hearts of fans worldwide. 

Britney Speaks meets Lance Bass’ ‘absolutely gorgeous babies’

In a delightful Twitter post on Monday, Britney Spears shared her joyous encounter with Lance Bass’ 20-month-old twins, Violet Betty and Alexander James. The sweet snapshots captured the pop icon beaming with happiness as she cradled each little one in her arms. Lance Bass, alongside his husband Michael Turchin, looked every bit the proud fathers as they stood beside Britney in the photos.

“I’m a new auntie for Lance’s babies !!! They are absolutely gorgeous babies !!!” Britney wrote, expressing her love for the adorable duo.

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Britney Spears and Lance Bass’ surprising family connection

Little did Spears and Bass know that this heartwarming meeting would unveil an unexpected family connection. During a 2021 episode of Ancestry’s *2 Lies & A Leaf* series, Lance Bass and Michael Turchin made a fascinating discovery – Britney Spears is actually Lance’s sixth cousin, once removed! The revelation left Lance in awe, exclaiming, “I mean, I feel like she’s my little sister, and this whole time she’s been my little cousin. This is so cool.”

Indeed, it is truly amazing how destiny can bring people together, and this newfound family bond made the meeting even more special.

As Britney Spears embraces her new role as an auntie to Lance Bass’ twins, it’s clear that family and love have become even more significant in her life. The photos of their meeting radiate warmth and joy, reminding us of the power of genuine connections and the joy of becoming a part of each other’s lives.

Meanwhile, fans of the singer are currently awaiting the release of her upcoming memoir, The Woman in Me, slated to release on Oct. 24. They can expect an intimate and powerful account of the pop star’s life. The memoir promises to shed light on Britney’s incredible journey and the strength that lies at the core of one of the greatest performers in pop music history.

Britney’s memoir comes after her triumphant victory in the court, where she successfully fought against a 13-year-long court-ordered conservatorship. Her powerful testimony in open court shook the world, leading to the termination of the conservatorship in November 2021.

The memoir will undoubtedly be a compelling and empowering read, emphasizing the importance of a woman telling her own story on her own terms. It promises to be the publishing event of the year, and fans are eager to get their hands on a copy to delve into the life of the iconic Toxic singer.

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