Biden Turns The Tables On Marjorie Taylor Greene By Unwittingly Endorsing Her

President Biden saw 40 million people watch his video as Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) endorsed him.

After knocking Republicans who voted against the Inflation Reduction Act because they “suddenly realized they’re so good, and they’re bragging about it,” President Biden touched on Ms. Greene for his principles.

As you can see, Marjorie Taylor GreeneA very conservative lady from Georgia, says, ‘Biden is acting like Roosevelt’…

Watch it here:

The President was talking about Georgia Republicans complaining about him while comparing him to FDR (a famous and highly respected president).

In marketing, The Biden team used Greene’s words said: “The biggest federal funding and environmental programs that are ending what FDR started that LBJ expanded and Joe Biden is trying to finish. Programs to deal with education, health care, urban problems, rural problems, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid, labor unions, and they are still working.”

This is all viewed as negative by Mrs. Greene.

While in Philadelphia, Mr. Biden spoke for more than 20 minutes to an audience that included members of labor unions, students, boat workers, industry leaders, and members of Congress.

Mr. Biden was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a steel-cutting ceremony for what the White House said was “the first wind turbine of its kind to be built in America under the Jones Act, employing more than 1,000 workers in nine organizations to build the ship, using steel plates made from United Steelworkers in Indiana, generating approximately $125 million in US dollars annually.”

Thus, Mr. Biden discussed the relationship of Bidenomics to clean energy and climate policy (both of which many Republicans oppose).

The White House called the project “another example of how Bidenomics is growing the economy from the middle to the bottom.”

Greene, for his part, stayed yesterday sharing nude photos of President Biden’s son in what is said to be an IRS record call.

Meanwhile, the president was very entertaining to Republicans, including Speaker McCarthy, at Wednesday’s White House congressional picnic. Brian Karem said about the picnic“Showing an incredible scene at a Congressional picnic POTUS called @SpeakerMcCarthy his friend ‘even if it damages his (McCarthy) reputation’ and when MTG showed his son’s candid photos at the court hearing this afternoon, Biden said, ‘You know, for all the differences we have, you have to remember at the end of the day we’re friends. That’s the way it’s always been. You have to be friends with each other. I mean, I think we’ll get there.’

Yes, I applaud any president who cares about The People to be compared to FDR. And when it comes to ethics, Biden shines as his opponents do the worst for his family.

The president is also able to travel well around the world, as his video has shown to the delight of many of his followers. 40.7 million views and counting.

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