Biden National Security Adviser Loses House GOP Passes DOA NDAA

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the Republican-passed NDAA will not make it to President Biden’s desk.


Sullivan said on CNN’s State Of The Union:

This national security bill will defund travel to countries where abortion is legal, block Well, this legislation won’t make it to the President’s desk, because what you’ve seen from the Republicans is to put in an army. changes that try to mix domestic discussions with the needs, the security needs, of our country.

Jake, at the end of the day, this Defense Authorization Act, Jake, in my opinion, is about a double act in protecting America, protecting America’s national security.

And, historically, year after year, you see the Defense Authorization Act pass with a bipartisan majority. We don’t have to go from there. This should be the place where politics stops and national security begins. And we believe that, at the end of the day, after the Senate has done its job, when the Senate comes back together with the House, we will be in a place where there is a big bill that can go to the president’s desk that he can sign.

This is what is important to our men and women in uniform and keeping faith with the American people in our mission to protect them.

House Republicans used the NDAA as a political tool. They have introduced legislation full of unpopular military proposals that will never pass the Senate.

Kevin McCarthy has developed an often nasty and difficult approach on the right as well and add Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is not on the Appropriations Committee, to the NDAA conference committee.

House Republicans have turned one of Congress’ most controversial positions into a partisan battle. As with the debt limit, House Republicans won’t get what they want.

Sullivan was right. The House GOP passed NDAA died the second it passed, and has no chance of becoming law.

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