Biden DOJ Sues Greg Abbott Over ‘Dangerous and Illegal’ Barriers to Rio Grande

A day after warning Texas to remove the buoys Monday afternoon, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Republican Governor Abbott to force Texas to remove the buoys from the Rio Grande.

Biden administration officials accused Abbott of “dangerous and illegal” actions that are disrupting Biden’s plan.

“President Biden’s border enforcement plan has resulted in the highest number of illegal border crossings in two years,” White House Assistant Secretary Abdullah Hasan told PoliticusUSA.

“Governor Abbott’s dangerous and illegal actions are undermining the effective system, making it harder for the men and women of the Border Patrol to do their job of protecting the border, and putting border migrants and refugees at risk.”

President Biden’s plan was criticized in advance (including me) anticipating further unrest as they grappled with the repeal of Title 42, the pandemic law that allowed US officials to deport asylum seekers. But, Biden’s plan is working.

“If Governor Abbott really wants to get real answers, he should ask his Republican colleagues in Congress why he voted for President Biden to increase funding for the Department of Homeland Security and why he is blocking reforms to immigration and border security that would fix our immigration system,” Hasan said.

This is a point we discussed a lot Goods: Republicans have thrown the border at President Biden’s feet, including refusing to fund border patrol, which is odd behavior from people who think the problem is so serious that it should kill children.

Abbott’s amazing border rules was detailed in an email sent by the officer to his boss, in which he wrote: “I believe we have crossed the line of cruelty” after being ordered to push small children and nursing infants into the Rio Grande.

The official “suggests that Texas has set ‘traps’ of barrels wrapped in wire in some parts of the river with high water and poor visibility” which “has increased the risk of drowning by forcing migrants to deeper parts of the river.”

So it’s no surprise that Abbott said lifting Title 42 “would cause a huge disaster for the United States.”

But that didn’t happen. A federal administration official said President Biden’s new policies have resulted in the highest number of illegal border crossings in two years.

In fact, a Washington Post reports, “The initial results are down nearly 70 percent of illegal entries since the beginning of May, according to the latest data from US Customs and Border Protection. After two years of passing records and difficult problems, the Biden The administration appears to have better control of the southern border than at any time since early 2021.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Biden administration is fulfilling its goals with a humanitarian goal, including places with baby milk, diapers, and snacks.

The director general also said, “We have more than 24,000 agents and officers working to secure the border around the clock.”

They are said to be taking thousands of smugglers off the streets, capturing the history of fentanyl before it reaches our borders, installing advanced border security technologies like surveillance platforms and ground detection systems, hiring additional immigration officers and immigration judges to review border cases on a regular basis.

“Republican officials have no plan and are just playing political games,” the official said. “Now, instead of addressing border issues, they are blocking the sweeping immigration reform and border security measures President Biden proposed on his first day in office and opposing funding for border security. Republican officials don’t want answers; they want confusion.”

It is very difficult to see where the administration is going wrong in this matter. Critics are not happy that Mr. Biden said he would vote against the House Republicans’ resolution that would end security measures and build a border wall. The president also vowed to rescind the executive order that cut the program that allowed Ukrainian refugees and other immigrants to stay in the US.

But none of those things protect the border and preserve American ideals and values. What Biden is doing right now is achieving those goals, albeit imperfectly.

But no matter what, Biden’s plan is working and it’s a lot better than pushing babies into the Rio Grande.

Beto O’Rourke wanted the Biden administration to act, and they did. “Stop him from using razor wire & antiquated trap and cut equipment. Stop any illegal activity he is doing on the border that can kill people. Mr. President, we need you to do something,” O’Rourke wrote.

There is no need for the abuse Abbott is doing to immigrants. President Biden’s plan is working. If Abbott really wanted to ban travel as illegal immigration, he would have worked to get the Biden administration to increase the requirements.

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