Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 case 2023

It’s handheld, has a ton of moving parts, and is $1,800. Protect your investment by getting a case for your Galaxy Z Fold 5.

You’ve reserved it. You’ve pre-ordered it. Now, you need to protect it. Because let’s face it: your shiny new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 does not come with a case in the box. And if you’re putting in nearly $2,000 of your hard-earned money to buy a fancy foldable phone, you could at least spare a few more to ensure it doesn’t instantly lose its fanciness.

Booklet foldables are powerful for multitasking and immersive entertainment, but they’re also more vulnerable than a compact flip phone with more mass and surface area. With our accumulated experiences with foldables and case makers at hand, we’re here with some suggestions for what we think are the best Galaxy Z Fold 5 cases you can get.

Our picks for the top Galaxy Z Fold 5 cases

  • samsung-galaxy-z-fold-5-casetify-impact-case


    Casetify Impact Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Editor’s Choice

    Casetify’s Impact series of cases feature raised bezels around the key screen and camera areas to avoid scrapes when your Fold 5 hits the floor.Shock absorption from plant-based materials and upcycled phone case pellets line the case’s bezels to limit internal jostling. All of this protection does not impact your NFC or wireless charging experiences.

  • slim-s-pen-case-galaxy-z-fold-5


    Samsung Slim S Pen Case for Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Premium Pick

    The Slim S Pen case is $100, and while we wouldn’t spend that much for a case by itself, the company may see this as more than the sum of its parts. You get an S Pen, which has lots of utility from note-taking to selfie shutter triggering.It’s clear that protection isn’t the main attraction here – you’ll want to consider that when buying this, or any, case.

  • uag-civilian-series-galaxy-z-fold-5


    UAG Civilian Series For Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Most durable

    One look at this case, and you know it’s from UAG – its aesthetic never really leaves your head. But with that much-padded surface area, which is a good thing. If your number one hope with a case is to mitigate damage from your drops, this is it.Shock absorption? Got it. Raised corners? Yes. Radio and wireless charging pass-through? Yup.

  • spigen-ultra-hybrid-zero-one-galaxy-z-fold-5


    Spigen Ultra Hybrid Zero One for Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Most unique

    If you’re looking for a little transparent action, much like in the days of those transparent game consoles or even Carl Pei’s Nothing, this will bring you the look you want.You get a heavily-stylized look into the components of your folding smartphone and nicely-executed protection with raised edges and ample internal cushioning.

  • torro-samsung-galaxy-fold-5-leather


    Torro Leather Wallet for Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Most stylish

    This Leather Wallet case offers plenty that none of the others on our list so far do: the ability to store up to three cards and a few bills or notes.The other big feature here is the magnetically-attaching kickstand you can use to watch movies or play games on your phone.Most surfaces feature leather sourced from light-touch tanneries in the US. The rear plate features microfiber patterning for some extra particulate ingress protection.

  • i-blason-cosmo-galaxy-z-fold-5


    i-Blason Cosmo for Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Most colorful

    i-Blason always seems to make statements with its Cosmo series of cases, and this one for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is no exception. Marble and metal combine for a luxuriant showcase of colors on the outside. With its brushed and braided effects, the hinge features a nice S Pen holder – no S Pen included, though. The case also has a screen protector integrated into its design to play defense on your Fold 5’s cover display.

Best Galaxy Z Fold 5 cases: The bottom line

We believe Casetify’s Impact case for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to be the best overall pick at the crossroads of price, advertised protection, and looks. Obviously, the last factor is quite subjective, and you may value more functional versatility in your cases.

Torro will be our go-to if you’re cheering in that crowd. The bonus there is that in addition to getting a mini-wallet and a kickstand for your phone, you get to enjoy weathering that leather down.

Will an older Galaxy Z Fold case fit on a Galaxy Z Fold 5?

Simply put, no. You can’t just upgrade from your older Fold phone without upgrading your case as well.

A new hinge design helps the Fold 5 close completely shut without any gap between the two planes. As many cases are designed with sub-millimeter tolerances in mind, you’ll probably not get much more mileage out of that old case, even if it fits onto the phone.

In addition, the Fold 5 also positions its rear LED flash module in a different place to the other devices in the series – right of the top camera lens instead of below the cameras. This exposes that area of the phone to unnecessary risk of damage and inhibits the flash function while you’re taking a picture in dark conditions.

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