Berlin lion update – German police suspend investigation as they confirm German capital’s suspected big cat is a boar

German police have called off a hunt for a lion suspected to be roaming the capital – saying it is more likely to be an ordinary wild boar.

Officials advised residents to Berlinareas in the south not to leave their homes on Thursday and keep their own livestock in the house where news of the escaped monster is being filtered into German capital.

Hundreds of police officers joined them “Operation Lion Hunt” in the southern capital but no sign of the animal was found all night.

And at a press conference on Friday, German police said that “everything indicates that it is not a lioness” – and they believe that the animal in the first video was “definitely” a wild boar – a common animal that roams the outskirts of Berlin.

It comes after police confirmed that no paw prints or DNA material – such as animal waste – was found near the area to identify it as a lion.

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  • The words of the mayor of Kleinmachnow

    At a press conference held this morning, Kleinmachnow mayor Michael Grubert said: “Everything shows that it is not a lioness.”

    He also said that “for sure” the animal seen in the amateur video is a boar.

    This has come as the police have been roaming the streets of rural villages and nearby forests in search of the “lion”.

    They used night vision goggles and drones but suspended the search on Friday.

  • The lion is probably a wild boar, officials say

    Authorities in Germany have suspended the search for a lion that is believed to be missing because they have found no evidence of the big cat.

    They have held a press conference where they said after talking to experts they believe the animal is a wild boar.

    No fossils or DNA material such as animal remains have been found near the area to indicate that it was a lion.

  • Reports indicate that the police have yet to find the animal tracker

    The mayor of Kleinmachnow, Michael Grubert, insisted that the search “will not last for many days” as he expected it to be “full” on Friday.

    However, German news agency DPA reported on Friday that the government had not yet found a vehicle expert.

    It added that it was not yet known whether the hair found on the tree on Thursday would provide any evidence that could lead to the lion.

  • What are people advised to do?

    Brandenburg police are asking residents to “take care and avoid the nearby woods.”

    They have also been warned to take care of pets and livestock.

    If anyone comes into contact with the lion they should “seek immediate safety and call the police.”

  • The police are asking where the lion came from

    Officials confirmed that two lions registered in the Brandenburg district around Berlin were counted.

    The police added that no zoo, zoo, zoo or other place has reported the lion missing.

    There is also no information about anyone with the lioness in the area, officials added, which begs the question: “Where did the lioness escape?”

  • Young people were playing with the lion roaring at night

    Police spokeswoman Kerstin Schrder said that not everyone is paying much attention to the search for the missing lion.

    It comes as a group of teenagers have been found playing the sound of a roaring lion using a Bluetooth device at night, Ms Schrder told RBB.

    “This does not help the town or the police in hunting the animal,” he added.

  • Police believe lion video is ‘real’

    Last night, a video of the “big cat” was shared and confirmed that the police also saw the lion on the loose.

    Police said they “at this time believe” the video is “real.”

  • A relative of a German bandit eager to help hunt down a missing lion

    Member of a German crime The family has volunteered to help search for the missing lion.

    The son of the head of the Remmo family – Firas – said that “he can lead the lion back to his enclosure.”

    In a social media post, he asked people to “let us know first” if they have any information about the lion so they can come in “before some idiot shoots him.”

  • Police tackle ‘roaming’ lion

    German police spokesman Daniel Keip spoke to reporters about the reports they receive every summer about dangerous animals.

    He said: “In summer, you often hear stories about crocodiles in swimming pools, only to find out that it is a large duck.”

    “We are dealing with a lioness that is roaming freely in Teltow, Stahnsdorf and Kleinmachnow.”

  • What will happen to the lion when the police find it?

    The police have already confirmed what they intend to do when they find the animal.

    Last night they said that instead of shooting him as many had expected, they were planning to use ice bullets to capture the lion while it was being taken to the zoo.

    The mayor of Kleinmanchnow, Michael Grubert, added that if the lion threatens a person’s life, unfortunately they have to kill it.

  • Search is set to ‘add’

    The mayor of Kleinmachnow Michael Grubert told the RBB reporter late Thursday that the police will search the forest near Kleinmachnow and Zehlendorf on Friday.

    “Animal research experts” are also involved.

    He hoped that the investigation would “increase” on Friday when he said: “We have to say that this cannot continue for days.”

  • Residents hear the roar

    While authorities are desperately searching for a lion that has gone missing from a landfill, people have reported hearing lion roars at night.

    Berlin police said residents reported seeing the lion and hearing it roar in the nearby Zehlendorf neighborhood near the city limits.

    Residents in the southern districts of Kleinmachnow, Teltow and Stahnsdorf have been advised to stay indoors as police team up with an expert on animal behavior in their search today.

  • Word police

    A major police operation is underway including helicopters and thermal imaging cameras to find the missing animal.

    A police spokesman said: “We have sent a large force to the scene to protect the public.”

  • Police are providing updates as the investigation continues

    Local the police has taken to Twitter to provide their latest updates.

    The page reads: “The search for #Löwin was not successful overnight and will continue today.

    “If you see the animal, we ask you to give this information via the emergency number 110.”

  • Lion on the loose in Berlin as wild animal spotted ‘killing’

    German police have urged people to stay indoors after a suspected lion was spotted in the capital.

    The police advised residents to Berlinsouthern villages to not leave their homes and keep their homes livestock in the house.

    A major police operation is underway in the area including helicopters and thermal imaging cameras to locate the missing animal.

  • Where is the current search engine?

    The Brandenburg police warned residents of the districts of Kleinmachnow, Teltow and Stahnsdorf to beware of a potentially dangerous animal that might just get lost.

    They tweeted: “The wild animal that escaped has not been found!

    “We ask you not to leave your homes.”

    Hunting grounds were extended south of Berlin where the game remained free.

  • Authorities are investigating whether it came from a private residence

    German police are hunting for a suspected lion that was spotted in Berlin today.

    Police were investigating whether it may have come from a private residence.

    It’s not the first time a wild animal has been spotted in May, when residents of the central German city of Erfurt were horrified to see a kangaroo leaping across a busy street after escaping from a home.

  • The lion will be ‘unexpected’

    Vet Dr. Fred Willizkat said Bild that roaming lions are not hungry but unpredictable.

    “That’s what makes it so dangerous,” he said.

    “A lion can attack anything it doesn’t know and that scares it.

    A local woman, Mariam B said: “The lioness must have been at our door because the police searched very thoroughly!

  • People warned people what to do when they see the lion

    People have been advised by the police to “take care” and “find shelter” if they see the lion.

    If anyone sees the lion, call 110 to inform the police.

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