Another Jim Jordan Witness Crashed and Burned When RFK Jr. He was caught lying to Congress

RFK Jr. He said he was not anti-vaxxer during his testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, but he is on video saying he told people not to vaccinate their children.

NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny wrote:

RFK Jr. he is trying to run for the Democratic presidential nomination. His anti-vaccine beliefs have been well known for years, so it’s puzzling why he would need to lie to Congress under oath. The proof is in the video. RFK Jr. released a video that went public where he told people not to vaccinate their children.

Rep. Jim Jordan has already had one witness sent to Merrick Garland for lying to Congress. RFK Jr. can be the second.

The subcommittee’s anti-gun measures have been a disaster for Republicans. They have been so bad that even Fox News and Newsmax dropped their coverage of RFK.

House Republicans complain that the media doesn’t cover the cases, but the cases are full of witnesses who are pushing the conspiracy theory that Republicans on the committee are pushing.

Republican committee members, including Jordan, were called out for lying and misrepresentation. It seems that the same problem extends to witnesses.

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