Andrew Tate News – ‘Toxic’ agent filmed arriving in court in Romania to face 30-day house arrest

Will Andrew and Tristan Tate go to jail?

Under Romanian law, adult trafficking is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

But it is understood that the case will take several years.

The trial will not start immediately and according to Romanian law, the case is sent to the first chamber of the court, where the judge has 60 days to look at the case files to confirm their admissibility.

Both Tate and his brother denied the allegations.

A spokesman for the couple said: “The allegations against Andrew and Tristan Tate have been referred to the court, according to DIICOT’s latest release.

“While this is an open matter, we welcome the opportunity it has given us to demonstrate their innocence and integrity.

“Our main goal will be to establish the truth and ensure that the evidence presented by the legal team.

“Tate’s judges are ready to fully cooperate with the authorities to provide all the evidence that the brothers are guilty and expose lies or lies.”

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