AFL News 2023 | Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin has criticized the turmoil surrounding Brodie Grundy, Max Gawn’s role has been clarified.

Melbourne teacher Simon Goodwin has returned to the “hysteria” surrounding the axing of the ruckman Brodie GrundyHe insists that the Demons are not trying to get him to move forward.

It comes after Grundy has already been knocked down The Dees have a one-point win over Brisbane on Friday nightThe club sent him to the VFL to improve his forward skills.

“We’re trying to add more integration in front of the ball. We’re not trying to turn Brodie Grundy into a point guard — let’s be clear about that,” Goodwin said Thursday.

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“Behind the hysteria; I’ve heard he’s playing like a regular player, I’ve heard we’re trying to sell him. That’s not the case.”

Dees Premier Captain Max Gawn sat alone in Friday night’s victory, making a good ground-up with 29 disposals and 10 clearances, Goodwin insisted that Grundy still favors a return to Gawn’s side in the rack.

“We’re trying to turn this combination of the rack into a big strength that will help us in the rack, and help us in front of the ball,” Goodwin said.

“We love Brodie Grundy, we think this is going to be really strong and we’re going to keep trying to make it happen.”

But how long after Grundy leaves the senior ranks remains uncertain, with Goodwin explaining what he hopes to learn while in the VFL.

“We see Brodie and Max playing 10 minutes at quarterback in front of the ball,” Goodwin said.

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“But the way we get that extra exposure is at VFL level, so he’ll play as a full-back again this week. [in the VFL].

“We know what he can do in the rack. We’re trying to develop his skills so he can pass the ball forward.”

The Devils host No. 12 Adelaide on Sunday at the MCG.

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