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Rosanna Arquette crashed his car on his way to the Malibu mall in Point Dume Village on Tuesday, July 11. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the accident happened. Hollywood life. No pedestrians were injured, but the 63-year-old actor was taken to hospital as a precaution but did not appear to be injured. The New York Post. Los Angeles County Fire Station 71 Captain Mike Rivera he said that The Whole Nine Yards the actress appeared to be “shaken” after the accident in her words Malibu Times.

The sheriff’s office also confirmed that there was no sign of what Rosanna were impaired by drugs or alcohol at time the fell. Firefighter explained that it appears that Rosanna lost control of his car when trying to stop the car. “Around 9:45 in the morning, the car that was trying to stop, it is not clear what happened, but instead of going back, it went forward and pulled out three roof pillars, luckily no one was injured, we had two tables . near but luckily no one was there,” he said on his way out.

Rosanna says she took him to the hospital as a precaution. (MJ Photos/Shutterstock)

Hollywood life has reached out to Rosanna Arquette’s management for comment.

After the accident, the mall’s shops were closed for several hours, before engineers declared it safe to reopen. “We’re here to make sure it doesn’t fall,” a firefighter told reporters Time.

After the accident, the City of Malibu released a statement, announcing that only one business had to close to repair its roof after the accident, according to Malibu Daily News. “Lily’s Malibu restaurant was the only business closed. The roof was damaged. A temporary shutdown was established by the mall’s contractor. Building Safety staff is waiting for the mall’s engineer to submit a repair plan,” the city said.

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