A replica of the Nomad ChargeKey keychain

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Review it – In 2013, Nomad launched IndieGoGo campaign for ChargeKey, a short charging cable for iPhone and Android phones designed to fit on your keychain. A successful crowdfunding campaign raised over $172,000 and ten years later, Nomad is re-introducing the updated recording line with new equipment and a new look. Let’s see!

What is it?

The Nomad ChargeKey is a high-quality charging cable that you can clip onto your keyboard to recharge the battery.

What’s in the box?

  • ChargeKey (either a USB-C to USB-C cable or a USB-C to Lightning cable)
  • Carbon neutral packaging

Design and appearance

Nomad sent me both versions of the ChargeKey. The only difference is that one of the ChargeKeys has a Lightning plug on one end. It should be clear that one ChargeKey is designed for Apple devices and the other is for everything else.

Note that the Lightning version of the ChargeKey supports fast charging of iPhones up to 20W.

The new ChargeKeys are pretty stupid. They have a smooth metal housing (which looks like titanium) and black nylon straps.

The non-commercial end of the cable has a loop that you can use to attach the ChargeKey to the keychain. When folded, the ChargeKey has a height of 7.6cm, and when in use, the height is 12cm.

Before you worry about the length of the ChargeKey cable, just note that it is designed to be short. In short, really. That is what makes them as flexible as possible.

Although it’s short, it’s long enough to slip into your laptop when you need to charge your phone, headphones, and more.

I tested both ChargeKeys with iPhone, AirPods, and Android phones and there were no surprises. The ChargeKey cable worked as expected.

Aside from looking cool and allowing you to have a handy cable at all times, the ChargeKey can be considered a fidget toy because it has a magnet that holds the two cables together. Check out the video clip below.

See yourself doing it

Which I like

  • Magnet!
  • Easy to use
  • Very high

What I would change

Final thoughts

This is a short and sweet Nomad ChargeKey review because it’s short and sweet! There wasn’t much to say except that it’s a well-designed little cable for Apple geeks and Android geeks. It will definitely come in mine EDC.

Price$25 (USB-C to USB-C), $35 (USB-C to Lightning)
Where to buy: Nomad
Source: An example of this review was provided by Nomad.

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