A beginner’s guide to Threading, including tips and tricks

Meta, the tech giant behind some of the world’s most popular apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, has a new target in its interface. It has been noted that there is a gap in the market for a microblogging site like Twitter, it is a little bit… musky.

Thread is a new program created by the team behind Instagram that offers a very similar look to Twitter and other microblogging apps and allows you to instantly follow accounts you already follow on Instagram. Here’s our Threads beginner’s guide, including tips and tricks to help you out.

How to install Threads

You can download Threads from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. However, at this point it is not as easy as you might think. Searching ‘Thread’ in the Apple App Store brings up a large number of programs, from random programs to a communication program that says it is not compatible with Instagram, but will probably get more downloads. None of these programs are new Meta microblogging programs, however.

If you want to find this app quickly, type ‘Thread’ in the search box, then click Thread, Instagram app from the searches given below. This will take you directly to the right app download. You cannot access the program if you are in the EU; It is not available in EU countries due to data security anxiety. What a surprise. You can also link to Threads directly on Instagram by going to your profile page at the bottom right and clicking the three lines in the upper right. You will see Threads in the list of options.

How to log into Threads and set up your account

Open the app, and you’ll get a splash screen with the option to join An Instagram account. You can change accounts if you are logged into your Finstagram (fake Instagram) account.

You are then greeted with a screen to set up your profile. Your name is locked to the name used on your Instagram account and cannot be changed. You can add a profile picture, link, and profile, or click Import from Instagram copying your information, including your photo, from your Instagram account.

You then get the option to set your account to Public or Private. With a Private Profile, only followers you approve can see or interact with your posts. Your choice of Threads does not affect your profile on Instagram; you can have a private profile for one app and a public profile for another.

Once you’ve made a decision, you’ll see a list of your current accounts follow on Instagram. You can choose to follow them all on Threads or choose which accounts to follow. Any accounts you’ve selected that aren’t registered to Threads will only be tracked if they sign up in the future.

The last screen before reaching the program provides information on how Threads work, including plans for future versions of Threads to be part of Fediverse. This is not a world where everyone is a Swiss football player, but a social network that allows people to follow and interact with accounts on different social media platforms. It’s a worse name than Metaversebut it seems that Mark Zuckerberg continues to try to get it.

At the bottom of the page is a Join Threads button. By clicking this, you agree to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy, so this is your last chance to return. We will look at privacy later.

How to use Threads

The first thing you’ll see when you enter Threads is your feed, and it’s instantly recognizable, very similar to Twitter and other things. There is a mix of posts from accounts you follow and other popular accounts, with text, photos, and videos. More recognizable information is also available, such as quote tweets (quote threads?) and reposts.

Instagram Threads feed

At the bottom of the screen are five icons. The At home The icon shows your food. The Search icon allows you to search for accounts to follow. The The heart The icon displays activities such as tracking requests, responses, and mentions, and History The icon displays your posts and answers, as well as having buttons to edit or share your profile.

Instagram Threads is creating a new post with a photo

The central symbol is Send it icon and this is where you can create a new post. There is a 500 character limit; if you exceed the limit, additional text will be highlighted in red, and Send it the button becomes inactive. When you go back below the limit, the button starts working again. You can click on it Paper clip image to add images or videos to your post.

How to link to posts on Threads

At the bottom of each post are four recognizable images. The The heart icon allows you to like a post, and Talking Donkey A sign allows you to reply. The Double Arrow a photo allows you to repost or quote a word, which everyone knows very well. The last sign offers something different, however. Writing on Paper Airplane icon allows you to add your post An Instagram story or post directly to your Instagram feed. Expect to see a lot of overlap between Instagram and Threads; Meta hopes to attract as many as possible of its one billion users by adding Instagram to the new platform. You can also copy the post link or share the link through your phone’s share settings.

Thread tips and tricks

This program has a lot more to it than plumbing, but there are some tips and tricks that may be useful to know.

Preparing your food

Thread has two different feeds to choose from. Yours it shows a mix of posts from the accounts you follow and the content provided by the Threads algorithms. Follow up It shows a list of the accounts you follow. To switch between two feeds, press the button At home icon or @ icon at the top of the screen, and select the food you want to see.

Increase your food intake

If the contents of your feed don’t float your boat, you can refill your feed by looking at the screen. The notes will change and give you a new list of notes to go through.

Follow accounts directly from your feed

If you see a post from an account you want to follow, you can do this quickly by clicking on the profile icon next to the post and selecting it. Follow up. All of your profile pictures have a plus sign above them, to make them stand out.

Search by keyword

If your favorite way to use Twitter is to use keywords to filter everything, then you only see posts related to a certain topic, then you’re out of luck. Currently, Threads doesn’t have a keyword search feature, though that feature appears to be in the pipeline, along with hashtags or perhaps Threads that twist it. Thrash tag?

Privacy preferences

If privacy is a concern, there are hidden preferences you should be aware of. You can download it Three Dots mark on the post to narrow down who can respond. The options are your followers, profiles you follow, or just the people mentioned in the post. On the main page, tap Menu icon gives you access to Privacy settings. You can set your profile to private, limit who can mention you in posts, mute the text, or add a hidden text so that any posts containing the text will not appear in your feed. It is also possible to ban an entire profile, but you must do this through the Instagram app, and any accounts you close will be banned on both apps.

How private are Threads?

Even the privacy features mentioned above can help you keep your privacy between Threads users, keeping your data private from Meta and other football games. The Apple App Store breaks down everything that Meta can collect and that can be linked to your personal information, and the list is long.

Most Instagram Threads are linked to your information on the Apple App Store

It includes sensitive information such as your search and browsing history, financial information, your place, and your messages. Perhaps most concerning, Meta can also collect personal information, which can include things like ethnicity, interests, religious beliefs, and biometric information, all of which can be linked to your identity. As with most ‘free’ software out there, you are designed. If you use this app, know that it comes at the cost of your privacy.

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