WWE star teases involving himself in The Miz’s segment on RAW

WWE announced that tomorrow’s episode of Miz TV is a must-see on RAW, and Johnny Gargano hinted that he may get involved.

Johnny recently made a bold claim on the red brand. He revealed that The Miz hired Dexter Lumis to be his celebrity stalker in order to make himself more famous.

The A-Lister and Johnny Wrestling battled last week in a singles match and The Miz escaped with a victory. He pretended that Dexter Lumis was dragging him under the ring to distract Gargano and then hit the Skull Crushing Finale to win the match.

The official WWE Twitter account sent out a message to fans to promote Miz TV tomorrow and tagged Gargano in the post.

“It’s time [email protected] to apologize on a must-see #MizTV tomorrow night on #WWERaw! Somewhere right now, @JohnnyGargano is counting down until showtime.”

Gargano simply responded with a GIF of himself patiently waiting in the ring.

Logan Paul thanks The Miz for being his mentor in WWE

Before stepping out on his own and challenging Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel, Logan Paul was aligned with The Miz. Logan teamed up with The Miz to defeat Dominik and Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 38.

After the match, The A-Lister attacked Logan from behind and planted him with a Skull Crushing Finale. The 27-year-old got his revenge and defeated The Miz at this year’s SummerSlam before coming up just short in his title match against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel on November 5.

Speaking on his IMPULSIVE podcast shortly after SummerSlam, Logan gave a shoutout to The Miz for being his mentor in WWE.

“I gotta give a shoutout to Mike ‘The Miz’, my opponent and at one point, mentor, who I did beat last night [at SummerSlam]. I’m 2-0, I’m winning something. I’m winning a combat sport, I can’t believe it [Paul laughed]. But, he allows me to shine and he’s not afraid to and a lot of vets, for the new guy, I can’t imagine that’s always easy. He understands what it takes to make the organization great. He’s a team player and I love Mike ‘The Miz’ for that.” (H/T Post Wrestling)


The Miz hasn’t disproved any of the accusations levied his way by Johnny Gargano last week. It will be interesting to see if the 42-year-old responds to Johnny’s claims tomorrow night on RAW.

Do you think The Miz hired Dexter Lumis to be his celebrity stalker? Let us know in the comments section below.

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