Trump Suffers A Big Loss In Court Hours Before He Announces 2024 Campaign

Trump got exactly what he didn’t want as the full 11th Circuit moved the DOJ appeal of a Judge Cannon ruling related to the classified documents to next week.

Here is the ruling:

The DOJ is appealing to the 11th Circuit after Judge Cannon meddled in the special master process to among other things extend the timeline to benefit Trump and told Trump that he did not have to prove to the special master that the DOJ planted evidence at Mar-a-Lago.

Donald Trump and his lackey judge are attempting to derail the DOJ investigation in a bid to buy the failed former one-term president enough time to get through the 2024 election, win back the presidency, and kill the probe.

However, the judicial system understands the severity of the threat to national security that Trump presents, so it is moving quickly.

This is not the way that Trump wanted things to go, as even on the day that he is making his “big announcement” the law continues to close in on him.

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