Parenting taking a toll on self love? Try these 5 things to stop guilty parenting!

Ask yourself, “What is it that you want to do that sparks joy?” It could be as big as starting your own business or something even as small as tending to your home garden every day. Find your calling, and just do it! And even if it involves your kids, learn to wing it in a fun way. For instance, night time reading and Friday movie nights with the kids are my way of reliving my childhood and being goofy with my kids. I remember when I went for my Yoga retreat with my daughter to Goa, we discovered a new side of each other that wasn’t too visible before. Or when she saw me enjoying myself snorkelling in the Maldives, she could identify and relate to the kid within me! (PS when they see this fun side of me, they love me a little more!),” says Mansi Zaveri, parenting expert, Founder, Kidsstoppress.

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