MUST SEE: University Student Asks Liz Cheney to Demand Ray Epps be Prosecuted

Liz Cheney and Ray Epps

University of Chicago student Daniel Schmidt confronted Liz Cheney this week during her appearance at the university.

Schmidt asked Cheney about Ray Epps and why she won’t call for his prosecution.

Liz Cheney replied with several lies about Epps and then smeared Republicans and President Trump.

She really is an awful person.

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Daniel Schmidt: Do you demand the prosecution of Ray Epps? He’s an actual insurrectionist on tape. Do you demand his prosecution?

Liz Cheney: Let me answer that question because I believe there is some confusion. (audience applauds) About, confusion about the role of Congress. And confusion about who makes decisions about prosecutions. I don’t think anybody has denied that that video tape exists. I’ve seen the video tape. I’ve seen thousands of people saying things like let’s go into the Capitol. (a lie) You’ve seen trials from a number of people who did go into the Capitol. (invited in) You’ve seen convictions of thousands. So I think the question is whether or not you understand who makes prosecution decisions… As far as what I’ve seen Mr. Epps, there are conspiracies surrounding the role he was playing that day. (another lie – what conspiracy? Name one.) People are pushing he was doing what he was doing because the federal government was telling him to. That’s not true. There’s no evidence of that. (Show the evidence) And the Justice Department and the committee have both said that clearly. (Doesn’t prove anything)

For the record, Cheney called for Trump to be prosecuted so she is completely lying to the gullible students.

The rest is her typical anti-Trump bullsh*t.

Chris Schmidt is a hero… And the audience is filled with non-thinking dolts who applaud the lies they’ve been told. What lemmings.

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