Katie Porter Has Won Reelection To The House

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) was projected to win her close contest for another term in the US House.

Dave Wasserman tweeted:

Porter was up 51%-49% over Republican Scott Baugh for a seat that the national Republican Party had targeted for a pickup. Porter’s seat was one that was expected to flip if Republicans had seen a red wave develop. The red wave never came, so Rep. Porter has secured another term in the House.

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Katie Porter is someone who could have a bright future in the House. In the current Congress, she was promoted to a seat on the powerful Oversight Committee, and she could be on a path to a future leadership position.

Porter’s willingness to confront the largest corporations and defend the interests of America’s working peoplewho are often forgotten in the halls of Congress, has made her a folk hero on the left.

Katie Porter will be back in the House asking powerful questions that make them squirm for another two years.

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