John Paul Mac Isaac Discusses His New Book “American Injustice” with TGP

John Paul Mac Isaac’s book on how his life turned upside down the day he ran into Hunter Biden was released yesterday. In an exclusive interview, we discussed his new book and his experience since that day

John Paul Mac Isaac released his story on Hunter Biden yesterday at Amazon. Link to Amazon here

Hunter Biden stopped by Mac Isaac’s show with three MacBook pro laptops with water damage. One was destroyed beyond repair and he gave that back to Hunter. The other required a keyboard that he loaned to Hunter. He never got that keyboard back. The third laptop Hunter left with Mac Isaac to fix.

This third laptop had problems with power where it would shut off periodically so Mac Isaac took some time to download the data from that machine. During this download process, Mac Isaac began to notice lots of porn and lots of financial information.

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Eventually, he completed his task but Hunter never showed up, even after repeated calls. Sometime later Mac Isaac reached out to his father in New Mexico and had him reach out to the FBI. Months later the FBI out East eventually stopped by and grabbed the laptop but he knew they were never going to do anything with it.

Mac Isaac discusses this story and how he was slandered and shamed by Deep State Intel actors and the Mainstream Media. This book was his chance to tell his story.

Watch our interview with Mac Isaac below:

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