How To Make Eyeliner At Home Quickly

Women have been using eye cosmetics like kajal and eyeliner to enhance the appearance of their eyes for millennia. It was India that produced the first batch of Kohl. But due to technological advancements, these previously simple goods are now produced utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. But you can make your own DIY eyeliner at home. You can give yourself a new, distinctive style with these hand-made eyeliners. Let’s investigate some simple methods for creating DIY eyeliners, as suggested by Shahnaz Husain, the Beauty Guru.

Cocoa eyeliner

Use cocoa powder to experiment with brown eyeliner if you’re tired of wearing black eyeliner. It makes it easier to get that rich brown eyeliner. To a small bowl, add a teaspoon of cocoa powder. After adding a few drops of water or rosewater, thoroughly combine. thicken the texture (like a gel). Apply to the upper and lower lash lines for a lovely, natural appearance.

Almond eyeliner

On any kitchen shelf, almonds are easily accessible. As you munch, think of saving a few to attempt making your own natural eyeliner. An old-fashioned ayurvedic method is used to create almond eyeliner, a natural mixture that improves vision and promotes eyelash growth. Using tweezers, carefully select an almond, ignite the candle or lighter, and let the flame burn the almond. When the almond is black and smokey, use a butter knife to scrape all of the black soot into a plate. Add two drops of almond oil after that. Keep your consistency thick.

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Beetroot eyeliner

If you prefer having fun with your makeup and don’t mind experimenting with different colors, this eyeliner recipe is for you. Properly grind half of the beetroot. After filtering the juice from the beetroot, place it in a bowl. Two tablespoons of genuine aloe vera gel should be put to a bowl after one spoonful of beetroot juice. To get a smooth paste, combine both ingredients. After soaking it, use a cosmetic brush to apply the paste. Along the lash line, lovely pink wings will be discernible.

Eyeliners with activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is the main ingredient used in handmade black eyeliner. It can be blended with water or any carrier oil good for the skin, such as jojoba, coconut, or almond. Activated charcoal and distilled water can be combined in this method to make an easy homemade eyeliner. In contrast to regular tap water, distilled water undergoes a comprehensive filtration process to remove pollutants and minerals. Add a few drops of distilled water to a small bowl containing two capsules or half a teaspoon of activated charcoal, then whisk. Then use a tiny makeup brush to apply the eyeliner.


Kumkum eyeliner

Choose a rich crimson eyeliner to highlight your stylish appearance. Regardless of skin tone or color, it instantly illuminates the face. A spoonful of kumkum powder needs to be placed in a small bowl. You can add a few drops of rose or regular water. Combined the two. intensify the texture (like a gel). Along the lash lines, apply it with a brush. Therefore, you should not be concerned about any negative effects that eyeliners made of harsh ingredients may create. The above-mentioned homemade eyeliner recipes might enhance your appearance.

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