Apple is reportedly building a live TV advertising network as part of its MLS deal

Expect to see a fair number of ads when Apple starts streaming Major League Soccer games next year. According to the company is building an advertising network to support it with the league. Apple has reportedly held talks with MLS sponsors about airing ads during games and accompanying programming the company has planned for next season.

It also sounds like diehard fans won’t be able to escape commercial breaks by paying more. Bloomberg reports the company currently plans to air spots across all three tiers of the partnership, meaning you’ll see ads whether you pay for a dedicated package, access the games through your existing TV+ subscription or catch the occasional free match on the company’s TV app.

The move is part of a broader push by Apple to increase how much it earns from advertising. The company’s ad unit currently generates about in annual revenue. Todd Teresi, the head of the division, has reportedly pushed to increase that number to $10 billion and above. To that end, Apple recently began showing more ads in the and is testing search advertisements within it app.

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